Remain ahead of other Job contenders

The present times are experiencing swift changes in the employment market. There is intense competition also and as a result, the number of people out on the roads hunting for jobs has increased manifold. Those out searching for jobs can be grouped in two classes the unemployed and job changers. It should be noted that […]

ST mahamandal Clear / Driver / Conductor bharti 2016

MSRTC Soon will be announce Driver, conductor, diesel mechanical and Clear recruitment in all ST Department of Maharashtra below city mention are included Latur in driver / conductor recruitment Nanded – Clear / Driver / Conductor Beed- Driver / Conductor Osmanabad – Clear / Driver Parbahni – Conductor Aurangabad – Clear / Driver / Conductor […]

Jalsampada recruitment yavatmal – 2016

The jalsampada yavatmal department demanding application for the post of “ Kanisht Abhiyanta “ On contract base only The retired officers and employees can apply for this post. The Location is : Yavatmal Dist  – Maharashtra Post Details we have to mention below For More information visit to : wrd.maharashtra

Handling a Self absorbed boss

Working under a boss who is egotistic can be an ordeal. His self-pride can prove to be an ordeal of sorts because at your workplace there are a multitude of issues involved. A self-absorbed boss will suffer from temper fluctuations which can be upsetting. Your very concentration on work can suffer. However, such individuals have […]

Don’t be disheartened if you fail to get a job

A human being finds it difficult to cope with any rejection; and the issues related to a job rejection invariably turn out to be more challenging. This is primarily on account of seeming anguish related to finances and sustenance. If you happen to get rejected for a job that you applied for and even faced […]

7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Picking Up A Career

Career related questions become most annoying when you find it difficult to choose one. I am sure most of you are in dilemma of choosing a right career for yourself. Let me tell you that choosing a career is the most important decision of your life. Your career will be impacting on everything in your […]

Over come pressures of a job search

Searching for a new job can be a very upsetting experience. It can play havoc with your time and energy. And when you consider the adverse effects it has on your family and financial matters together with the dents made on your self-esteem and self-confidence, you will realize its impact on your good night’s sleep. […]

Get set for your Job Interview

The initial impact that you make in an interview matters a lot. We all know that the job market of today is plagued with intense competition and hence the very modalities involved in applying for a job have become increasingly difficult. Therefore, to say that a job interview has also become very competitive will not […]

Develop your brand exceptionality to boost your job prospects

The most excellent method way to advance in your current job or to embed yourself when you go in for a career change is by having a good career plan. And if you have carved out a brand exceptionality for yourself, there is no doubt that you will not do well and attain whatever you […]

Cutting down workplace pressures and strains

When you engage yourself in any work, it makes an impact on your well -being. Your general happiness, good health and sense of security is affected. In the last five decades or so, salaried work has occupied a large chunk of the lives of people. For some, work could well be an exciting and inspiring […]

Motivating employees to adhere to workplace etiquettes

Your manners and conduct are mirrors of your character and personality A person who is rude actually endeavors to imitate strength. It is therefore, no overstatement if one says that good manners open doors that the best of education in the best of colleges cannot. To be able to do so, you need to display […]

Seek online perfect jobs

Do you have a gut feeling that there is some more time left for you to get a job of your dreams or that it is going to be an uphill task? Well, the good news is that things stand straightened out now The old procedure of scanning advertisements in newspapers is redundant now; even […]

Impediments in women career advancement

In recent times, the importance that is being accorded to the issue of career development has far surpassed all importance attached before. The phenomenal rise of women to top positions in the corporate world has proved that there is nothing that is impossible to achieve in life. But at the same time, the impediments and […]

Save Yourself from Workplace weariness

People may not feel it, but the truth is that every workplace has some sort of a rampant disorder in which staff members feel as if they are afflicted with discontentment, boredom and snare. These feelings are a result of a lack of self worth and importance which leads compulsive isolation and inefficiency. And regrettably, […]

6 step plan to choose a new career direction

Many times, we are not really sure what we want to become in life. And with the Indian education system, we do not get too many opportunities to explore ourselves. The result- we end up doing something that we don’t particularly enjoy. However, it is never too late to change. If you have been feeling […]

Tips to score good marks in your science projects!

Science projects are interesting. Besides being super fun, they can fetch you good marks too. But many students find the projects to be a difficult task altogether. You’ll always have a variation in a class when it comes to projects. Some are clueless, while others may have ideas but do not know how to make […]

A Quick Guide on B.Ed. Course

The full form of B. Ed is the Bachelor of Education, which is a professional graduation degree. It is basically a course program for the students, who want to be a teacher later in their life. It is a process to educate the students where they can again educate their future students and prepare them […]

Piles of files

Work is worship, indeed, but if this worship takes away the peace of your mind, your sleep, your smile and your health, what will you do? In today’s world, almost every working professional is overworked. People are so tied up with their official commitments that they have no time for anything else; not even for […]

Success and hard work are complementary

At any given period of time, you can enjoy only one of the three things related to your career effortlessness, advancement or feat To know what precisely you are accomplishing, a self-evaluation and deliberation on any of your work concerns, current stage or a recent event in which you were involved is perhaps necessary. In […]

Be assertive at work and make impact

People who are poised, confident and emphatic always attain their work objectives. Such people are invariably candid in their expressions. Because they speak whatever they think, they make certain that others listen to them. On the other hand, there are others who fumble and lack assertiveness; more often than not, they just do not succeed […]

Ideas of first impression in a job interview

A job interview, whether it is your maiden one or not, is a vital element of your job search. We all know that resumes tend to be inflated and do not represent facts. Therefore, any selection by an employer based on them can be a wrong decision. An interview is a process wherein an employer […]

Coming out of self created tight spots at work

During the course of your career, there will be countless junctures when you land up in a difficult situation at work. Many succeed in proceeding ahead despite them and many who deal with them proactively. It is all a matter of reasoning and which is contingent on what their thought processes are. However, getting out […]

How do you rectify a mistake at work

There is no person who does not make mistakes. You can always rectify them or simply disregard them and carry on this could well be a good option everywhere but at work. If you blunder at work, the consequences can be rather grim. A mistake at work can imperil your associations with different categories of […]

If Writing inherited or thought

It is rightly said that “Words are mightier than sword.” However, everyone cannot use words and frame them in a manner that attracts the mood of a reader or a listener. Freedom of expressing thoughts is bestowed on all, but the apt way of expressing it without sounding demeaning is not a cup of coffee. Hence, […]

Polish your communication skills to succeed in your career

You may be wanting to send an epistle across, but if your communication skills are not apt, it can well turn out to be a mix-up, thwarting and even catastrophe on account of its misunderstanding or inferior delivery. In any sphere of activity, success is contingent on a number of factors; and communication skills happen […]

Clearing SSC exams by availing some useful tips

With the number of candidates increasing with regards to applying for government jobs, the demand for reputed coaching institutions is on the rise. This is because, each and every candidate is eager to qualify the exams that is stated to be a major hurdle. The concerned authorities have being trying to make the selection procedure […]

Is it the right time to switch

Since the time we are young, we are taught two contradictory ideas for a happy life- Complete what you have started (hold on) and Let go. These two ideas form the mentality of each individual. However, it becomes difficult to comprehend which rule to follow and when. Individuals are stuck at crucial moments and are […]

Fast track your professional progress

Do you know that hard work has cumulative advantages and that one favorable consequence leads to another rewarding one? When you work hard, you automatically come into public eye. And when that happens, you are respected and valued; such a situation makes an elevation and a raise a stress-free affair. There is nobody who does […]

Embed yourself firmly at your new job          

The first couple of weeks at any job are indeed very crucial from all angles. During this period, you should Endeavour to portray a genuinely good impression of yourself an impression that is long-lasting. This will make certain that that your career remains on the right track. It is essential that you work hard, display […]

Networking assists in career management

The knack to intermingle socialize and harmonies with people is one of the most crucial life-skills possessed by human beings. If you have the dynamism to step into any gathering and initiate a tete with anyone, you surely are bound to lend a charge of positivity to your knowledge, understanding and familiarity. When we talk […]

Resolving workplace problems

Any working individual will agree that problems at the workplace are inevitable and that resolving them is a part and parcel of one’s functions. Problem solving and decision making are vital fundamentals of all responsibilities. But are people trained to discharge such functions in a realistic and efficacious manner? Whenever people encounter a problem, more often […]

Perfecting interpersonal relationship at workplace

When many people work together, the association that develops between them is called interpersonal relationship. Anybody who goes to work will appreciate that when one spends around eight hours or so at the workplace, it is just difficult working in isolation. You require people to converse with and discuss matters related to work. Surveys conducted […]

Promoting teamwork on the Job

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” They say that sticks in a bundle are unbreakable. They also say that a single leaf working alone provides no shade. It is time-tested philosophy that teamwork divides the task and multiples the success and the best thing about it is […]

Indian Railway Recruitments 2015-16–1058 Openings

Indian Railways the “Lifeline of India” is a State-owned organization, operated by Ministry of Railways, Government of India, also one of the world’s biggest railway networks composed of 115,000 km track length, 7112 stations & route of 65808 km. On 16th April 1853 railway set its foot in India that runs from Mumbai to Thane […]

Why Every College Should Conduct Career Counseling For Students

Career counseling is the process of assisting individuals in the development of a career. Career counseling for students is very important and there is a need for every college to conduct career counseling for students. The main reason why every college should conduct career counseling for students is that it helps students to assess their […]

Bald faced behavior has no place at work

Do good comportments and deportments count at work? Is it necessary that you should be mannerly at all times? Or can you circumvent rules and regulations for the sake of effectiveness and productivity? Can you violate standard operating procedures to safeguard your own position or standing? Consider this hypothetical example. You are engaged in a […]

Does MBA really help in your career?

MBA programs from accredited schools aim to prepare its students for senior management roles in organizations. A good MBA course will expose students to all the facets of business including finance, marketing, HR and accounting. MBA draws resources from across various disciplines such as sociology, psychology, finance, accounting etc and equips students with skills that […]

Incapacitate idleness at work

What exactly is idleness? At work, it is joblessness and inactivity. It is not laziness, languor or lethargy, as many would say they are issues that prompt or promote idleness. To describe idleness in simple terms, it is nothing but a condition of inaction, non-participation and unresponsiveness and a proclivity to let things remain as […]

Get the most of your work and be exultant

Getting the most of your work and being exultant is all about loving the work that you do. It is essential that you gauge and value your outlooks and approaches vis-a-vis your work and also put them into a bigger mosaic. You should take some time off periodically and ruminate over various conditions of your […]

Be passionate about whatever you do in life..

Teaching is one of the most respectable professions and being surrounded by young generation I too feel young, energetic and enthusiastic. I think the success of my students in their professional and personal lives is the biggest driving force for me. I follow a holistic approach, for theoretical knowledge I recommend students different books at […]

Naive to heroic !

Every individual dreams of achieving great things in life. They educate themselves to become a part of that society which at least lives satisfactorily on its own terms. However, tasting success doesn’t come easily. It requires dedication and focus. Have you thought how amazing it would be if you could start working for your dream […]

Heighten your workplace delight

Being happy at your workplace is something that is totally in your charge and jurisdiction. When you feel delighted, you radiate delight in other words, your happiness generates happiness in others. And when the workplace smacks of cheerfulness, the degree of employee loyalty goes up as also the resilience of the company you work in. And […]

Knowledge management practices in professional institutions

In the current scenario of intense competition, professional institutions need to be aware of their academic strength and be able to leverage their knowledge base to gain competitive advantage over the others. In this era of knowledge, institutions should attempt to create and sustain appropriate knowledge management processes. The competitive advantage could be obtained in […]

Avoid dishonorable demeanour at workplace

There is no workplace that does not have an odd person who indulges in some senseless or irrational behavior. Impulsive actions or reactions also fall in the category of such conduct. If you hurl files, come late to work or shout at others, you surely harm your career significantly. But there are certain other comportment […]

Learn to deserve before you desire….

My first brush with teaching was when I was in class eleven. A group of girls from my area were my first students. Knowing that I was a good student they would come to me for difficulties and the days on which they did not come, I felt a sense of emptiness. Gradually their tribe […]

How to adapt your career to a tough economy

For many job hunters, its a challenge to find any job in today’s time. If you’re one of the many seeking a job, it’s important to be vigilant. Choosing a career path that fits best with the “new” economic atmosphere is crucial. For some this may mean a career in an entirely different field, while […]

Dos and Don’ts of general conduct at any workplace

No two workplaces can be similar. What you are required to wear at work at one end of the spectrum includes the manner in which people talk, interrelate and act together amongst each other differs at the other the etiquette pertaining acceptable conduct differs from workplace to workplace. To illustrate the above, the atmosphere that […]

Best career opportunity in veterinary

There is a bright scope for interested candidates in this field. If you love animals and get moved at seeing them in pain, and have a knack for science, this can be a career option for you. When an animal is sick, vet examines it to find out the reason behind its illness. They scrutinize […]

Why Didn’t You Get The Job? – Common Mistakes of Fresh Graduates

Fresh from college and you are excited about your first ever job interview, but, unluckily you have not been selected and you do not even know why. You are worried if it was because you did not have the skills or you are not up to the job? Stop worrying! As a fresh graduate it […]

Ascend the corporate ladder the upfront way

When people look around to be guided to make progress in their careers, they expect a lea-bag’ type of direction. They expect to be offered shortcuts, largely prompted by wrong beliefs that ascent on the corporate ladder is facilitated if you have links. But the truth is that there are no shortcuts, though there could […]

How to Make Your Resume an Attention Seeking Resume?

It is a common notion that a person is obsessed with one document for the entire life. This document is none other than the resume that leads you to your dream job. Intensive review and page to page study is all what a resume gains from you. Even with your resume getting so much of […]

Break free these career myths

Choosing career has always been a debatable topic field of ones choice, turning hobby into passion etc are factors that plunge into our mind. Choosing a career is not an easy job as one may think. However, it isn’t that tough as well. Many people think they know the right way of selecting an occupation, […]

Learning through a process lasts longer

There are a select few in this world who are lucky to do what they wish to still get paid for the same, I consider myself in that select few category, albeit a lesser mortal but lucky nonetheless. What drives me in this career is the satisfaction that I derive from the satisfied students and […]

Women, you need to do self – promotion too

All through the year, all you women display a high level of dustriousness towards your work. You are at your workplace on time, but invariably leave late – the long hours that you spend at work manifest your commitment, ardor and devoutness. And you feel that when it is time for a promotion, your boss […]

Career opportunities in hydrology

Hydrology is the science of movement of water on the land surface or underground. It includes the study of physical, chemical and biological interaction of water with the rocks and minerals of the earth as well as the critical interaction with living organisms. A practitioner of hydrology is a hydrologist, working within the fields of […]

Dream big and make it happen

Management education is all about latest trends. It is dynamic and requires lots of reading and knowledge of the subject. This is what I enjoy the most.  The 21st century is the century of trade. As an engineer I foresighted the importance of business and trade management and hence it promoted me to do MBA […]

8 point career wisdom

As young professionals step into the big world and Lendeavour to make their mark in the industry with their first job bestows them with eight career wisdom tips that will help them progress successfully in their work life. Wisdom is the ability to learn from change. Show gratitude: No one can achieve success on their […]

Career in brand manager with Responsibility

Building a brand is as important as manufacturing a product. This knowledge seems to be fast catching up with Indian manufactures and product marketers. Brand building does not involve just advertising your product, sponsoring some events etc. Brand building is all these and much more. There are special departments and units within companies consisting of […]

Career opportunities for pharmacists

Pharmacists are the medication experts on the health care team of fearing information and advice to help patients successfully manage their medication therapy. Pharmacists have the knowledge, skills and expertise to be trusted with the patients’ health. Pharmacists, more over, keep detail records of patients; educate patients about prescription and advice health care professionals on […]

The art of effective listening

Listening your ears back, paying attention to what the other person is saying and taking note of it. When you listen, you register whatever you-listen in your mind. Evidently, this calls for a focus, paying heed and applying your mind on what is being spoken. Listening is an important workplace skill and can be said […]

How to Polish Your Portfolio For A Designing Job

Ever worried how your portfolio is going to fare among a number of candidates applying for a designing job? Remember, as they have also been invited for the interview, the interviewer finds them as creative as you are. The only thing that will stand out and help you nailing the interview is the portfolio. Your […]

What you think, you become

What you think, you become”. Generally elderly persons always ask young soul as to “what will you become?” And the child says he/she will become a doctor, engineer, scientist, etc. What I would advice them would be to keep their aims in life very high, have positive attitude in life, work hard, be honest to […]

Be a valuable teammate

When you act as a part of a team, you build your character and reputation; learn compassion and responsiveness; and eventually accomplish your goals and objectives. All of these acquisitions and attainment are vital for your personal success. The ABC of a team player lies in the acronym ABC itself – ardour believability and commitment. […]

Junctures lead to Milestones

Have you just completed your 10 or 10+2? And still do not have a clue about your career prospects? Are you delirious and need immediate answers to your questions? Do not worry! We are here to provide you just that.   Choosing a career at the beginning has a long lasting impact on a student’s […]

Career options after Pass Bachelor of Art (BA) Field

How many times have you been asked this, “Oh, so you are pursuing BA? But do you know that there’s not much scope in it?” with a frowning expression? Well, arts students know that feeling. What are the career options available after 12th in arts stream? Will arts students ever be able to compete with […]

Let’s Do It Today

My mantra is very simple. But I do not know how many have the heart to follow it. Love what you do and do what you love is my success for mantra. ‘Let’s Do It Today’ is the mantra. Because opportunity never comes back again to knock your door. May be the journey might be […]

Refine your communication skills

The ability to communicate well is a vital key for attaining success. People who lack communication skills have to struggle to advance in their careers & maintain healthy relationships. Effective communication skills is the mantra for career success. In an age where outsourcing and networking are the in things, your career success is contingent on […]

Have a flexible disposition at workplace

All workplaces, because of the presence of people, necessitate interactions between them. In the absence of a congenial climate, human relationships will not be friendly. In order to maintain a friendly working environment, it is essential that people enjoy good relations. And good relations can be brought about if you have an unbiased, progressive and […]

There is no substitute for hard work

Teaching profession, especially the management field is very creative and innovative. The field is closely related to day to day life and development of a person as well as a business. It deals topics from self management to global business management. In management profession it’s not only teaching but also interactive learning process which includes […]

Career in animation field

The first Indian animated movie “E.k Anek Aur Ekta” led the foundation for use of graphics and animation in the commercial movies. Though, the movie was for educational purpose but it opened a wide horizon for the use of animation in entertainment world. Gradually the technique of stop animation techniques were replaced by computer generated […]

Carrier in fashion designing

“Fashion” the word refers that different type of designs. In every field, the first reference can give to fashion. Therefore, carrier in fashion can be the best choice. Simply creating a simple design can become a fashion or making attractive design can also become a fashion just choice of attractive texture and a combination can […]

How to start Career in Online Share Trading

If anyone feels interested in the stock and share trading then he or she can make a very promising and bright future ahead. Just a couple of years ago we used stay behind from this field of share trading due to certain kinds of myths like share trading is being compared as a kind of […]

Career in Indian Real estate

“Real Estate is gradually growing and becoming one of the most rewarding career options. With a gap of 44 million core professionals, this is the best time to hit to hit the lucrative sector with all vigor”- Times of India. Nowadays, this real estate business can be taken as one of the most lucrative, profitable […]

Business Analytics training for the students – an imperative part to know for the business expansion: opt for the details

When somebody has a business, they need to ensure that they have the best possible preparing on the best way to maintain the business. The company investigation preparing foundation will be a spot that they will have the capacity to realize what they requirement for their business. The experts will have the ability to comprehend […]

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