2017 After HSC Career in Fashion Designing

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When we talk about fashion industry, the things that come in our minds are; the glitz, glamour and the part that everyone knows your name. But fact of life is that out of a thousand designers only a hand full are able to live their dreams.

The problem is that some of us get into these crash courses and courses to crack entrance exams only because we “think” we have that edge in us. Knowing how to draw or paint is not the only thing that is required, you should be good in maths (or else how do you expect to measure a garment or a person?), have that creative edge and most importantly, survival skills. Just imagine, you have history, maths, science, art and creativity; the entire school syllabus in a more detailed and specific manner! Not trying to discourage you but it is always better to know what’s in store before you walk in blindly So to start a career as fashion designer, two types of qualifications are required:

Natural: These comprise of aesthetic sense, colour expertise (knowing the difference between midnight blue and navy blue, etc.) good taste and sense of fashion. And if you have an eye for detail and knowledge of fabrics then consider them as brownie points

Acquired: These you acquire from a decent, recognized fashion institute. You can enroll in a full time course or a part time certificate course. Usually, students take up after their 10+2 level. In fact you even have post graduation courses but they adhere only to technical and creative thinking skills.

Is it the right career? A career in fashion designing is right for you if showcase style in everything you do