7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Picking Up A Career

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Career related questions become most annoying when you find it difficult to choose one. I am sure most of you are in dilemma of choosing a right career for yourself. Let me tell you that choosing a career is the most important decision of your life. Your career will be impacting on everything in your life, right from your lifestyle, habits, family, friends to health. You are basically searching for a career which matches your interest, skills and needs. If you are finding it difficult to choose a career of your choice, here are some questions you should ask yourself before opting for any career.


What Do I Like?
This is the universal fact that people who are satisfied with their jobs are the one who enjoys their work. Things which grabs your attention the most will be the best career to opt. To evaluate your interest you should think what attracts you the most, whether it is reading books or something else. Let me help you, ask questions like what kind of events do I attend? Or do I like to travel?. If this is not enough you should go more deep and ask yourself whether I like to converse with people, deal in numbers/accounts, am I creative?. Well, there would be numerous questions that you would like to ask yourself to see where your interest lies.

Am I Pleasing Someone Else By My Career Choice?
Let me warn you, choosing a career should satisfy you and nobody else in this world. The answer for this question should be a big ‘NO’. Great advises comes from family and friends but in this situation pleasing someone else would be a wrong decision, it can make you regret your whole life.

What Skills Do I Have?
You should be able to apply your skills in work to have a happy working life. Your skills shows that you are good in that particular thing. Skills differs from person to person, some people are good in communication, management or creating something out of the box. Divide skills in two section like your soft skills and hard skills. Soft skills can be your time management ability, team work or anything which requires to be managed. Hard skills can be your computer knowledge, having an upper hand in any software program and having good communication skill also falls under this category. Note down your skills to match with the career you are going to choose.

Am I An Extrovert?
You will spend most of your time with your coworkers if you are opting for typical desk job. You will often have to spend time with them as the co ordination will be necessary to achieve your target. To do such jobs you have to be socially fit to make yourself happy and satisfied with the work.

Do I Need Any Training?
Sometimes having a graduate degree is just not enough, employers asks for experienced candidates to maintain the pace of their work flow. Organizations like Aasaanjobs.com provide internship programme for fresher candidates, I am glad to make best out of this opportunity as it really helped to persue my career as a content writer. Such formal trainings gives you relevant experience certificates to prove yourself.

Am I Going To Make Enough Money?
Some people are earning millions of money but yet they look for more, while some are earning less but yet are satisfied as that is making justice to their hard work. Money shouldn’t be the deciding factor of your career choice but it cannot be ignored as well. Search for a job which will satisfy your financial need and to keep you dedicated towards the work.

Are Jobs Available?
After learning for years you definitely would be expecting to get a job at the end. You can research about the job market for the career which you are considering. This search can be locally and globally, it depends on where you would like to work. I am sure availability of jobs will help you to take decision about your career.

These were some questions that you should ask yourself before choosing a career. I hope it will help you to choose your career of your interest.