A Quick Guide on B.Ed. Course

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The full form of B. Ed is the Bachelor of Education, which is a professional graduation degree. It is basically a course program for the students, who want to be a teacher later in their life. It is a process to educate the students where they can again educate their future students and prepare them for a better world. It is a qualification, a validation to teach.


  1. Ed degree is needed for those who want to teach in Secondary and Higher Secondary schools, which are commonly known as High schools. The minimum qualification, which is needed to enroll one for a B. Ed course is a bachelor degree in Arts, Commerce or Science. The students, who do their graduation in Arts, can enroll themselves in order to teach subjects like English, Bengali, Hindi, and History while students of Science are eligible for teaching Mathematics, Geography, Physics and Chemistry. There are many reputed B. Ed institutions, which offer a course for the aspiring teachers. Before entering these institutes, one needs to sit for an entrance examination. If they pass the examination, they can pursue with the course further.

What does the course offer?

This course mainly lasts for a year, which has 2 semesters. This includes Practice teaching as well. Practice teaching means a B. Ed student is send to a proper school and is allowed to take classes with students in the subject in which they have done the course. There are also chances that one can pursue a B. Ed course from distance learning educational institutes. But for that, the duration of the course is for 2 years. There is a lot of B. Ed coaching institutes in Delhi, but one needs to find the particular institute, which offers the best course program. At the same time, it also depends on the entrance examination and how well an aspiring candidate can score in that exam. Some reputed B. Ed institutions conduct a proper entrance examination so that they can get the best candidates as their students. This is mainly needed when one wants to teach in the high schools. National Council for Teacher Education is the core body, which regulates the courses that should be taught in India. This is the basic thing that one needs to know about the course before they start planning to pursue it. The courses or subjects, which are taught here, are:

  • Culture, Education and Human Values
  • Assessment of Educational Evaluation
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Educational Psychology
  • Holistic Education
  • Philosophy of Education

The main thing that one has to keep in mind is that educating children is not very easy. They are the future of this country. A teacher has a huge responsibility towards them. They are not only enrolled to teach a text book or the regular courses offered in a school. They are enrolled to teach the students the basic essence of life, their responsibility towards society and human nature. If they fail to teach them, the basic things of life, they themselves fail as teachers.

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