Admission Another battle to be won!

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The standard 10th and 12th results have finally been declared. Some students scored extraordinarily good grades whereas some managed to get average grades. But one thing which is common is that they all are putting efforts to get admission in the best colleges of India. It is now the transformation time for these teenagers, the time to open their wings and fly high. Students wanting to be scientists, doctors, engineers etc. go for science stream, others who want to mark their existence in finance sector go for commerce while philosophers opt for arts. Finding a good college and getting admission in a renowned university has become the ultimate goal of aspirants as well as their guardians.

The high cut-off marks and quota system have somewhere dampened the enthusiasm of students who achieved average but good marks. In order to get admission in good colleges, students do not mind shelling out a lot of money. The entrance exams are now looked upon as a nightmare by students. Every college follows different patterns of admissions some take admissions on the basis of marks obtained in board examinations where as some conduct proper entrance examinations with written tests, group discussions and interviews.

Students planning to appear in these examinations must keep in mind a few things. For example- some entrance exams have negative marking, some universities take two entrance tests (one written and one oral).Following are some of the guidelines which students should remember while appearing for entrance examinations .

  • While attempting the written paper, aspirants first must try to attempt the easy questions and then the tough ones so that their confidence boosts up.
  • They should avoid attempting confusing questions, because one wrong answer could get them negative marks.
  • Some colleges ask pictorial-based questions and one should attempt these kind of questions first.
  • While appearing in group discussions, one must do a bit of preparation like gathering information about the latest news.
  • Apart from being confident, one must be able enough to give good presentation of their own personality.
  • It is not at all necessary to speak fluently in English; one can opt to answer in Hindi also. Whatever the language the interviewee chooses, he/she should have full command over it.
  • Getting nervous during the questionnaire session is not a crime. One must try to manage that by either taking some time to answer or having a sip of water.
  • Always maintain eye-contact with the interviewer, it signifies confidence and promising attribute of the person.

Sonika Singhal, a student from Lucknow University quotes, ” Nervousness is a trait of human nature, but it should not shadow the qualities of a person. I was very nervous during my GD round but I tried to manage my nervousness with a very positive note. I considered it as not a test but a learning process of my life. So I tried, to give my best and ultimately won.”

Interviewer of Amity university Mahadev says. “I always try to be a bit polite with my interviewees. My first judgment criteria is to judge people on the basis of their nervousness management skill. I also see that how intelligent enough they are to hold their tension. Quickness and promptness are obviously, in my measurement scale. The admission process is not a rocket launching program rather it is a simple way to introduce the aspirants into the real world.”