Avoid dishonorable demeanour at workplace

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There is no workplace that does not have an odd person who indulges in some senseless or irrational behavior. Impulsive actions or reactions also fall in the category of such conduct. If you hurl files, come late to work or shout at others, you surely harm your career significantly. But there are certain other comportment that can also cause severe, irreparable damage to your career.

You could well be highly adroit, but some demeanours can instantly dent and mar your good image and reputation. Some dishonourable demeanour that you should avoid at work, come what may are:

Perfidy: This needs no detailed explanation; whether you engage in it deliberately or inadvertently, they can cause immense discord and dissension at your workplace. Quite a few people go over other people’s head a person’s head; they feel that by doing so, they will steer clear of controversy and discord. However, they generate more dissension once the injured party realizes the truth. You indulge in perfidy when you engage in disloyalty, deceit and duplicity. An effort to lower the image of any of your colleague in the eyes of others, irrespective of your intention, is also an act of perfidy.

Rabbiting: People appear highly awful when they get influenced by malicious chit-chat about others. Rabbiting in its simplest connotation means that. If you keep weltering in conversations related to faults and hardships of others, you will surely finish up maiming their sentiments when they get to know what has been going on behind their back. However, when you gossip and when they get to know that, you will be viewed as a highly deleterious and vindictive individual.

Stealing acclaim: When you are consistently performing well at work, taking initiative and ideating new enterprises, wouldn’t it be frustrating when someone steals acclaim that is due to you? If you pinch somebody else’s credit, even if it is slight, the writing on the wall is that you, as an individual have failed to attain something independently. It is also indicative that you care two hoots for your colleagues and your team alike; and that you do not respect your working associations.

Emotive commandeering: When people tend to create a brouhaha, it goes to show that they are indulging in emotive commandeering – something that indicated diminished emotional stability. Such unusual behavior is reason enough for your dependability and solidarity to be doubted; and be handed the pink slip. If you create a ruckus or burst at anybody, the attention of everybody gets focused on you in an off-putting manner. You get to be regarded as unfriendly, unbalanced and menacing. Therefore it is essential that you keep your feelings under check and stay at the wheels. And that also makes the other person who inspires antagonism in you as knotty. ‘I-detest-my-job’ pronouncements: No colleague or senior will ever appreciate your constant slanders about your work. When you criticize the very work that earns you your bread, you get branded as an undesirable personality because you impact the motivation levels and self-confidence of others. All seniors are on the lookout for pessimists and skeptics at work simply because they do not want the spirits of their team to sag and bring about reduced productivity. Passionate alternatives to such people will be readily available.

Self-glorification: When you achieve any-thing, howsoever big it may be, you do not need not sing your own praises about it. When you refrain from self-aggrandizement, you convey a very positive message to the environment that success to you is not an unfamiliar happening.

Lying:  When you indulge in a fib, the intention could well be noble. However, you must appreciate that all lies have a proclivity to get bigger and blow-out till such time the truth gets known. And when the truth does get to be known, it is a cause for serious embarrassment. A lie can shatter your pride and dignity. Therefore, the need to be authentic needs no emphasis, particularly if you seek to be content with yourself.

Destroying working relationships: Your work actually orbits around different people who you come in contact with and the bonds you establish with them. So when you do something that comes as a surprise to everybody, you dent your relationships and which is not in order. It should be noted that when your actions, surprising ones specifically have an adverse effect on the well being of others, you are never seen in good light. Others invariably start talking about you and your lack of concern for them.

Remember that your workplace conduct is a mirror in which you show your image. You should not attempt to be different. You need to be plain and simple good; and when you are good, you are automatically different. Whatever you do at your work, you must do it well and honorably. Excellence will automatically follow.