Bald faced behavior has no place at work

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Do good comportments and deportments count at work? Is it necessary that you should be mannerly at all times? Or can you circumvent rules and regulations for the sake of effectiveness and productivity? Can you violate standard operating procedures to safeguard your own position or standing?

Consider this hypothetical example. You are engaged in a conversation with one of your associates and your phone rings. You know that it is your boss calling and you discard your friend and answer the call; the fact that the discussion with your colleague is very important too is overlooked because you feel that your boss is more important for you.

Here is another illustration to drive home a point. You are required to submit a report to the management of your company and the deadline given is 5 pm. You have perused the draft and rectified all issues; all that remains is to obtain a print out. It is a fifty page plus report and you give the command for the printer. The first couple of pages come out fine and then the ink starts smudging. You are wondering what to do because there is hardly any time left and lo and behold, there is a paper jam. You curse the printer and the IT manager for the old printer made available to you and quickly copy the report on to your pen-drive. The print-outs are taken from another printer and you are able to submit the report in time. And since it is time to leave, you collect your stuff and depart without bothering to fix the paper jam or report the matter to the IT department for rectification. You simply leave the problem for someone else to discover and address. Conducts like the above are definitely barefaced, brazen and brash. You would never do anything close to them at your home or any place outside you work-place. If that be the truth, then why do we permit ourselves to acquit ourselves thoughtlessly, insensitively and carelessly at the workplace? The truth of the matter is that when it pertains to workplace etiquettes, we tend to devaluate our principles and harbor double standards. It is not uncommon to be witness to people indulging in workplace conducts that they would never ever dream of engaging in a societal or domestic setting. They do not understand that such comportments and deportments ought not to be allowed to persist in the interests of a robust working environment.

Rude, insolent and uncouth conduct invariably tends to put off everybody including your own team members; and as a result of which camaraderie takes a severe beating. All your efforts to inspire and encourage your team go waste and productivity evidently plummets. This aspect needs to be com-pretended as also the fact that your poor conduct is just not condonable. You need to conduct yourself with dignity and treat all persons with , irrespective of the fact that they could be even subordinate to you. If the foregoing has to be achieved, it has to be made certain that at your workplace good manners are boosted and bad manners are eliminated.

Boosting good manners: In most circum-stances, bad manners are inadvertent because people fail to visualize the effect of their speech or action on others. We tend to take things for granted in our efforts to be effectual, little realizing that today, there is hardly any scope for anybody to take things without grumbling. If rude behavior persists, the other person can simply quit and it is going to be an extremely tough endeavor to get a good replacement. If anybody is allowed to get away with bad behavior, sooner or later, it becomes an accepted norm, the disgruntlement generated in the process notwithstanding. If boorishness happens to be widespread in your company, you should be instrumental in arresting it. How do you do that? You cannot do so all by yourself but garner the support of your colleagues to identify problematic conducts and catalogue comportments required to be adhered to in your team.

Issues related to clothes, conferences, cleanliness, communications and care of official property should be clearly enunciated.

Eliminating bad manners: Boosting good manners is just one facet of your efforts to ensure that the workplace remains congenial in all respects. The other facet calls for initialization of procedures and schemes to remove bad manners from your place of work. But it needs to be understood that if workplace conduct starts plummeting, the actions to arrest the adverse developments can be really difficult to enforce. Fellow feelings and candidness in communicating are perhaps two very potent tools to control insolences at workplace. It is only when employees fail to communicate or share what they undergo or even when they do not envision the impact of their actions, poor behavior starts permeating into the structure of company ethos. The crux of the matter is that all employees should be at ease to make points and that there should be efficient systems that take cognizance of the issues highlighted. As a matter of fact, they should have faith in the organization too that the management will not condone poor behavior, even if it happens to be by a senior functionary. The focus of all efforts should be to display great esteem and consideration for others. Some actions to do away with bad manners at workplace are instituting a procedure for employee reaction drawing clear lines between good and bad behavior enforcing a fair and stringent discipline code; having a controversy solution procedure that should initially be restricted to discussions and then intervention; and education of employees to be good-mannered and considerate at all times.