Be organised be efficient

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Jan 2017, make a note of all the actions and resources required to make it a grand success reception, visit programmed, floor visit, cleanliness, circular to employees,  meetings, meeting rooms, attendance, minutes. of meeting etc. List down the resources required for each aspect, people responsible, time to be completed, rehearsals, review meetings and so on. This happens to be an important aspect of being organized. It is said that “seeing is believing”. Many people do things right up to delegation and leave it oh The team of others to control the results. This style of working may at times prove to be counterproductive. As a person who wishes to be on top of the work, reviewing has to be taken seriously  and must call for review meetings, analyze progress, mitigate challenges and coordinate further steps. Let us imagine that review meeting for the visit has been organized and the team member responsible for organizing  Delegate: The ability to accomplish tasks successfully comes from delegation which comes from trust in self and others. It is understood that success is about teamwork and it requires delegation. Let take the example enumerated in the earlier paragraph; organizing meeting rooms is one aspect of organizing the visit. Instead of doing everything on our own, we can delegate this task to a team member, explain the requirements, set targets and allot resources. The member can then be left to him self to plan, organize and accomplish with adequate sup-port and supervision by you. the meeting rooms comes up with a difficulty.

He finds that all the meeting rooms have been booked by other departments and none is available. The end result of being organized is a feeling of control over events, time and results. It works well at individual and managerial levels and its principles apply equally.