Be passionate about whatever you do in life..

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Teaching is one of the most respectable professions and being surrounded by young generation I too feel young, energetic and enthusiastic. I think the success of my students in their professional and personal lives is the biggest driving force for me. I follow a holistic approach, for theoretical knowledge I recommend students different books at the same time I ensure that they update their knowledge through internet. I also encourage them to understand the practical application of the various concepts they learn. Seeing my students progressing is the most fulfilling part of the job and the most demanding part is to be one step ahead of the latest developments in my field which requires a lot of time. The most effective way is to understand their interests and strengths and then accordingly guide them. Instead of pushing your child in something where your interests lie, let him do something where his interests lie and see how the happy bird spreads it’s winds wide and flies high in the sky towards success. The youth of today is brilliant, sharp and innovative but has a very casual approach towards everything in life. This I do not really appreciate and want to be treated. I like my profession but at times when I feel stressed out I like to sleep as it is the biggest stress buster for me. My personal mantra for success in life and career are not too much but if done with full sincerity, will give major positive results. Those are nothing but commitment and dedication. Every task that I take up, I do it with commitment and dedication.  My tips to the students would be to be more focused in career and life. They should also know the value of time and be passionate about whatever they do in life.  I am not only a teacher but a homemaker as well and I don’t want to do injustice to any of these roles and thus maintaining a fine balance becomes a challenging task at times. The biggest mistake that the youth of today makes is that they don’t focus on the right things at the right time and then regret for the decisions they made. The most important components of teaching are personal skills and self inclination as teaching is more than just a job as there are no set procedures or principles which one needs to ‘follow We deal with students wherein each is different from the other and thus it is very important that a teacher should understand the need and the psychology of each student and nurture them accordingly.