Break free these career myths

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Choosing career has always been a debatable topic field of ones choice, turning hobby into passion etc are factors that plunge into our mind. Choosing a career is not an easy job as one may think. However, it isn’t that tough as well. Many people think they know the right way of selecting an occupation, but they often end up choosing a career or job which is unsatisfying to them.

And very importantly, this leads to frustration and stress at work. One must strive to achieve what their heart and mind wants.

Home Bahrami rightly stated, “Job security is gone. It is now a-myth. The driving force of a career must come from the individual”.

My article discusses some career related myths, which are debatable, but I am sure one can totally relate to it.

Choosing a career is a very simple task. Choosing is confusing when one plans what to do and realises that it is not enough. There is a lot more to do after that. One needs to take an account of their interests, likes, dislikes, values, and most importantly skill set. Can we do it this way?

Stage 1: Choosing an occupation

Stage 2: Being prepared, having faith in yourself.

Stage 3: Attending interviews, a lot of them.

Stage 4: Getting a job and growing in it.

Stage 5: Changing jobs –> climbing the hierarchy –> changing careers.

Well now, note that changing jobs and career are two different things. Yes, changing jobs continuously gives a very bad impression of ones professionalism and reflects on his/ her resume.

The biggest myth: Women cannot balance career and family. Being a women, I have heard this a lot many times. Trust me, this is wrong! Women can find time for both, a great career and maintain a happy family. Balancing a career and a family is difficult and a never ending process, but not impossible. Yes if you expect her to wake up early in the morning, cook, clean the entire house, go out and work, deal with work stress and then again come back .home and serve her in-laws is tough. The family must understand her. She needs a break too. At least for half-a-day, a maid can easily be kept. Expecting her to be the “typical bahu” is impossible. Husbands too can offer a helping hand and share responsibilities. Because like him even she has work load and stress.

You can choose your career only once. Who said so?

  1. Gone are the good old days when people entered one company and retired from the same after 30-35 years. But now the time has changed, and so have the laws. Change is inevitable. If anything is constant, it is change.
  2. Career planning is a never ending process. Your hunger to achieve your goal must be high.


Accept the first job offer you get: Job hunting is never easy. You can never predict what is going to happen. It may happen that you get a job on the first attempt or you may not get it even after numerous tries. One must trust his or her caliber 4th times. However, there may be a time when you are in dire need of a job and with such circumstances you take Whatever you get in hand, but your growth doesn’t Stop here. Your graph gradually, but surely will move forward.

If you change your career, your skills go waste: Well today is the time when the age old “concept of equating the number of years and experience to senior* if, no longer valid. I am not saying that experience goes waste, but yes, such comparisons are pointless when organizations look for a fresh face with multifaceted qualities.

For instance: Leaving your job just because it is not that glamorous like others is sheer stupidity. Every profile has some or the other ups and downs. Not everyone says it. So, don’t imitate others and their professions. Do what you are good at.

Your main subjects determine your career choices.

Unless you are a doctor, engineer, architect who require specific skills which are technical, your major subject does not determine your career. These subjects are more career focused.

Always make sure that:

One major subject can lead to many different careers, but a particular one can be reached through having majors in different subjects.

You cannot mix hobby with career: People are usually interested and very skilled at their hobbies. The combination of interests and skills are compelling reasons to choose a career. These days many people are innovative and experimental. They believe in putting in their creativity and want to do things which pays them well too.

Money and status reflects success:

Contrary what you may think, higher salary ‘t necessarily equate to a high level lobe’ satisfaction and personal happiness. T are so many people who get a low salary in comparison to their friends or peers in the same field, but have highly satisfying jobs and are in peace. They lead a happy life. Hence try to balance your salary requirements with a career that you feel confident in, and which utilizes your skills and abilities. Meanwhile, try to grow and achieve more.

Guest Post: Pro: Urmi Chakaravorty Mitira