Success In Career Consistency In Performance Is The Key

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A man’s character is reflected in what he does day in and day out which produces uniform and undiluted results. There are occasions when we get misled by the word Excellence and think that a person is able to produce wonders continuously because he is excellent. In fact, it is the other way round; a person is excellent because he produces wonders on each and every occasion he performs.

Let us have a look at what Aristotle said centuries ago. He emphasized upon a basic tenet of human lives; “we are what we repeatedly do”. It is not an occasional spark but continuous flame that gives light and shows the path. An occasional spark dazzles and causes momentary blindness but, a continuous flame however weak dispels darkness. The second part of the quote says “Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit”. It is self explanatory and needs no elaboration.

If the above quote by Aristotle was true centuries ago when men had a few distractions and could focus on their pursuits, it is more than true in the present day world. Its relevance today is pertinent because of the fact that men are pulled in many directions both personal and professional and tend to lose focus on what they do resulting in loss of quality.

Consistency is the Key!

Let us take an example. You are working in an automobile accessories manufacturing company and are responsible for Quality Control. You were given the most important role because of your proven abilities and are expected to be stringent in quality and approve only those products which meet the parameters. However, your company bagged a large contract and the production went up by manifold putting a huge demand on your time, energy and focus. You are now required to spend endless hours inspecting the production, approving only the best and rejecting the rest. One day you said to yourself “products of our company have a great reputation in the market and people buy them blindly. They will not know even if I lower the standards once in a while”.