Career in animation field

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The first Indian animated movie “E.k Anek Aur Ekta” led the foundation for use of graphics and animation in the commercial movies. Though, the movie was for educational purpose but it opened a wide horizon for the use of animation in entertainment world. Gradually the technique of stop animation techniques were replaced by computer generated graphics. Now with the passage of time, Bollywood seems to inculcate the art of animation in its every film. Whether it is Robot, Ra one, Krishh, Hanuman Returns, Toonpur ka Super Hero or Life of Pi etc, animation has been used as a magic wand to attract the audience. Indian Film Industry and animation are now inseparable. The impact of animation in visual entertainment world is so strong that almost every flick is applying either 2D, 3D or VFX animation to highlight the story In the present scenario animation has eventually taken the shape of a blooming career for youngsters. Graphics and animation has nothing to do with your grades in academics, it is requires a creative mind. If you are blessed with superfine imagination and oodles of creativity then this career is meant for you. Generally people misconnect animation with cartoons, basically cartoons are simple graphs drawn by artists and then subtitles are given to the drawn character whereas animation is the art of giving life to the character and making it move on screen. In other words, we can say it is the art of making the character lively on screen. For a single 3D animation sclne more than six animators work day and night to execute its function. Indeed this animation industry rewards an animator in terms of money and acclamation but to master this skill one needs to take proper professional training from renowned institutes. Here’s a list of a few norms of admission that will help an aspirant to enroll easily in an institute.

Career in Animation

Eligibility Criteria & Courses Available

Wide range of courses available for animation, that starts from Diploma to Bachelors in Animation. The cut off marks varies from institute to institute but a minimum score of 45% marks is required for diploma courses. There are two types of courses available for UG first is bachelors in animation and second is BFA. It is preferable if an aspirant does BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts) because it will help the candidate to get a positive push in the field.

List of Colleges offering Bachelors of Animation

  • Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC)
  • The UD School of Animation, Hyderabad
  • Arena Animation Academy, Bangalore
  • Picasso Animation College, Delhi
  • Reliance AIMS – Aquariuss Animations Pvt Ltd, Bangalore


Animation has a prosperous future because film industry and visual entertainment world will never stop the use of computer generated effect and animation. This is the reason, even when the whole world was the Victim of recession, the animation industry was growing because of film industry.


A fresher gets between Rs. 10K to 15K, whereas after a span of 3-4 years the animator gets 25K to 35K. After getting experience an animator can bag up to 55K per assignment.