Career in brand manager with Responsibility

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Building a brand is as important as manufacturing a product. This knowledge seems to be fast catching up with Indian manufactures and product marketers. Brand building does not involve just advertising your product, sponsoring some events etc. Brand building is all these and much more. There are special departments and units within companies consisting of brand manager that looks after this aspect. The duty of , such units is quite vast. Brand manager’s plan, develop and direct the marketing efforts for a particular brand or product. It is not uncommon for a brand manager to be responsible for co-ordination activities of specialists in production, sales, advertising, promotion, research and development, marketing research, purchasing distribution, package development and finance. The brand manager’s career is a high profile career. In today’s era, strong brand and marketing programmes are an essential part of the business world to capture the market share. Job titles like brand manager or marketing manager are frequently used to describe the same occupation.


A company takes various factors into account while deciding the responsibilities of a brand manager. Size of the company and the number of brands are the essential factors.

Global brand managers or area managers focus more on subjects like-How to keep brand equity and how to improve product offering etc.

The local brand managers are more strategic. They are responsible for executing global plans which are handed over to them and fine tune them for local consumers. Brand managers conceptualize, produce and enforce the visual identity of a brand or product. A brand manager must preserve consistency while ensuring that all branded materials express the most effective and recognizable company message. Often brand managers are required to know how to create catalogues, breaches or pamphlets and themselves provide every detail.

In designing or page making, proficiency in power photo shop and adobe illustrator is extremely beneficial. A brand manager must also possess presentation, communication and marketing skills along with creativity and should conduct product evaluation tests.

If you want to become a brand manager, then go through the following eligibility criteria.

Educational Qualification and Experience: A bachelor degree or post graduate degree in any faculty with 3 to 5 years of field experience is required for a person to become a Brand Manager. Fluency in English is also a must.

Personality Synopsis: Common traits of brand managers are that they are result oriented and creative, possess strong interpersonal communication and analytical skills and have entrepreneurial abilities.

Responsibility: Brand managers are often linked with small business owners because they assume responsibility of a brand or brand family. They are meant to focus on the big picture. It is their job to distil the brands essence, map out their competitors, identify marketing opportunities and be able to effectively communicate the unique benefits of that product or service.

Brand managers are also responsible for guiding marketing research team by setting the agenda and criteria and also selecting the stimuli such as product benefit statement, picture product samples and video clips. Once the research is complete, it is the brand manager’s job to analyze the data that has been collected and, then develop the marketing strategy.