Career opportunities for pharmacists

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Pharmacists are the medication experts on the health care team of fearing information and advice to help patients successfully manage their medication therapy. Pharmacists have the knowledge, skills and expertise to be trusted with the patients’ health. Pharmacists, more over, keep detail records of patients; educate patients about prescription and advice health care professionals on drug decisions.


Technological Pharmacy as a subject deals with various branches. The area of pharmaceutics deals with scientific and aspects of the design and manufacture of dosage forms, their manufacturing, contamination avoidance and elimination of micro-organisms in medicines. It also broadly covers the history, sources physicochemical properties, physiological action, absorption, elimination therapeutic use and adverse effects of drugs or medicines.

Nature of the work:

Hospital pharmacists:

The task is to procure stock, prepare and dispose medicines, drugs and other medical accessories They discuss with doctors, nurses for supply of medicines etc.

Retail pharmacists:

The task is in retail medical stores. The pharmacist prepares and dispenses drugs on prescription to the general consumer. He monitors the drug sale on the basis of prescriptions and dosages and gives over the counter advice on how to use prescribed drugs. They work as marketing / Medical Representative [MR]

Industrial pharmacists:

While most firms are involved in the production of reformulated preparations, a growing number of firms are developing new formulations through autonomous research work. They carry out clinical trials where drugs are tested for safety and effectiveness work formulations in pharmaceutical production.

Research pharmacists:

They are engaged in research activities in pharmaceutical firms, research organizations and laboratory for search of better drug molecule and formulations.

Career opportunities for pharmacists:

Pharmacists can works in following heads

* Pharmacist [hospital/ clinical/ community]

* Bio-tech industries

* Retail wholesale chemist

* Clinical research organizations

* Academicians for joining as teaching profession in the institutions

* Drug therapist

* Drug inspector for licensing and control of sales premises as well as approval and licensing of manufacturing premises.

* Pathological lab

* Drug technician. Etc.

Qualification Required

For a career in an academics and research and development, an aspirant should be a doctorate or at least a Master in pharmacy while bachelor’s degree is the minimum qualification for the career in sales. B.Pharm with MBA is for a career in product management or marketing. Besides to be a drug inspector, food inspector or govt. analyst, an aspirant needs to be B. Pharm or M. pharm. There are number of private and govt. colleges/ institution for Pharm, B. pharm and Pharm programmers in various reputed universities throughout in India. Pharmacy profession has strived hard attract the young talent. It has one of the best professional courses. Pharmacy offers the resources, opportunities and flexibility needed to balance a successful health care career with a satisfying personal life. Pharmacy graduates and post graduates are offered many opportunities and learn wide variety of offers life long learning education gives its practitioners the opportunity to make professional development part of job.