Career options after Pass Bachelor of Art (BA) Field

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How many times have you been asked this, “Oh, so you are pursuing BA? But do you know that there’s not much scope in it?” with a frowning expression? Well, arts students know that feeling. What are the career options available after 12th in arts stream? Will arts students ever be able to compete with science and commerce students? Opting for a career in arts stream seems like a back up option for majority of the students. However, don’t go by hearsay, because there is a plethora of career options available out there for you. If you are planning to pursue BA, remember, every year maximum number of students strive to take admission in Delhi University (DU) and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) only to pursue a degree in arts irrespective of the cut off marks.

Here are some options which interest you.

Writing: If you have a flair for writing, after BA you can become a freelance writer, start your own blog or publish a book. It completely depends on you. Writing is a part of communication. You can convey your feelings through words. You can work in press media as well. You can be a reporter. One advantage of being a writer is that you can work from home whenever you are free. There is not many deadlines in freelancing.

 Civil Services : To get into civil services, certain examinations are to be given.. These examinations are considered to be one of the most toughest in our country. IAS/IPS/IFS are some exams to name a few. The competition and craze for these exams is very high with every year many student registrar and attempt it. The exam is surely difficult to crack, but not impossible.

MBA: Opting for Master of Business Administration (MBA) can assure you a good salary job. MBA in marketing, human resources, hospitality, event management, public relations are various branches of the original. MBA programmes ensure consistency and quality education. One can pursue MBA by  studying full time or part time. Distance learning is another option. MBA in media such as advertising, journalism and film making, academic careers like research and particularly training can also be a good career choice.

Teacher: Teaching is one of the oldest and most noble professions. A teacher provides good quality of education to his or her students. A teacher can be a good mentor and guide students. Interactive sessions with students and their parents can help a child understand and achieve life goals. One can do M.A, B.Ed and clear NET/SET exams, which is mandatory to become a teacher. If one is interested in higher studies, PhD is always a good option and it will allow you to teach at a university or at national level.

Journalism: Gathering information which is generally included in newspaper, magazines, television and radio is news media. Journalism has become one of the most sought after career choices for youngsters in recent times. Either you can be a press reporter for a news channel or work in some reputed media organization as a correspondent or media personnel. A journalist can do a lot with a pen. Public speaking is one of the most necessary skills required in this field. One can look for a degree in mass communication that connects masses and media.

You’ll have a number of good career options once you complete your course. Since there are plethora of choices namely, animation, fashion designing, 3D modeling, cooking among others you can choose arts stream without hesitation if you are interested in it and not for the sake of parents or neighbors. One thing is for sure that, after taking up arts, you will not regret your decision and your life will not be monotonous. You will have the liberty to do whatever you want. You can be creative and you can do any post graduation course. Arts stream has emerged with exciting career options. There is less pressure as it is easy to understand. Also, a wide range of career prospects are available. So the next time somebody asks you why you opted for BA, you should be able to tell them the reason why.