Be careful of campus selection

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Few days back I got a call from a friend from Jabalpur. Her daughter got a job in Nagpur and wanted us to look into the process of joining. Willingly we agreed. We were surprised to know the conditions of the company on hiring. No salary for the first month of your work was the first condition. Shocked we enquired from her, and she said they want to check our ability to perform and will start giving salaries after finishing the tenure of two months. How is it possible? How can a company hire employees with the word of not giving salary?

How did you get the job?

She said through campus selection. The party had visited her campus and selected a few candidates for the job, including her. The system of selection process is always encouraging for the student’s of the campus. But it is up to the college to decide on the companies and the authenticity of it. All collages also claim to have 100 % placement record. Irrespective of the fact, whether it is going to shape up the career or destroy it. Many private collages invite any Tom, Dick & Harry collage for campus selection, without cross checking the background of the company. Problem lies with the candidates, as they are not given any choice. Once selected, they are asked to leave the slot for others to attend further interviews. Without the likes of the candidates, it’s mandatory for the student to join the respective companies after the short listing. How real is this? One has to be very careful in deciding for the future.

Campus selections are fruitful for those who choose the right company and get selected too. But it can prove fatal for those who are left with no choice. They are force to choose companies which choose them with conditions that are not feasible. Check it out; they may turn out to be a fraud company. Known companies ask for bond and even pay handsomely too. But the new companies, who have no base and guarantee, actually play with the career of certain students.

Always try doing some research before accepting the offer or changing place/location as to how real is the company. Do Google and look for the authenticity of the firm, and see how established the company is. If it’s a known company, no issue, but if it’s unknown, don’t jump and grab the opportunity, instead, hold back, check the background and if found strong enough, go ahead and accept the offer happily.

With software companies mushrooming in every nook & cornier of the country, it is very difficult for the computer science aspirants to judge, which one is real and which is phony. Many such firms hire candidates ask them to sign bond for a year or two. Make them slog for hours together, and refuse to pay the salary at the end of the month, saying we would like to check you for another month before putting you on the salary slab. Well this is becoming a  trend in many private sectors and candidates are falling into the trap, knowingly or unknowingly. All these and more fraud cases have come up in past few years. Candidates do not know, how to handle such situations. They are clueless about the salary as well as their future. Always opt for a known company, even if it takes time but don’t take such hasty steps as it will not land you anywhere. Campus Selections are good for the reputation of the collage, and it does benefit the students too. All a student has to do is keep the eyes and ears open. Be alert while attending the interview. And take full caution while signing any bond for the company. It’s for the safety of your future only. At the end, just two words to sum up “Be Careful.”