Coming out of self created tight spots at work

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During the course of your career, there will be countless junctures when you land up in a difficult situation at work. Many succeed in proceeding ahead despite them and many who deal with them proactively. It is all a matter of reasoning and which is contingent on what their thought processes are. However, getting out of self created problems is invariably convoyed by another glitch.

Though not an accepted jargon, there is something that could be termed as the `Cavity Tenet’. The most appropriate description of escaping any predicament in which you have landed in is, “Put an end to burrowing if you don’t want to get interred “. When you get to know that an unfavorable situation is developing, you will always work towards a remedial action. However, you will also tend to become nervous and adopt a stance to disturb things; and concurrently lead yourself to generate a big name for yourself something which people will term an extraordinary enterprise on your part and compliment you. It is not uncommon for most people to land up in messy affairs that they never expected.

The reason is that they themselves dig their own graves and then cannot step out on their own. The situation that once manifested their dynamism progressively becomes an upsetting situation which worsens things more and impacts all. It is only when they land in a mess, do people create problems of a larger magnitude for themselves. The outcome will be a snowballing effect, largely on account of that gloomy, self-satisfying and unintentional forethought that indicates to us a way-out of our self-destructing desires.

Nobody wants to play with one’s career. Yet, people and in tricky situations due to a variety of factors. The major causative reasons are:

Unwarranted forcefulness: You become tremendously fixated, to an extent even obsessive. You become too demanding or exert more than your capability. You even undertake tasks that you are not proficient in. It is no point fighting circumstances over which you have no control. Therefore, it is always better to be practical and pragmatic.

Extreme expectations: A robust mind always yearns and always has reasons for it. However, unnecessary anticipations are awful issues because you pledge things that you will never be able to live up to. Furthermore, you also get to indulge in self-stroking falsehoods.

Unwarranted self center edness: Arrogance and self absorption has a quality to reduce the agony of your foolhardiness. It is an art of peeping into your self something what others cannot discern. If you are self-centered or haughty, you are more likely to treat yourself to inconsequential and tactful falsehoods towards impressing others. The truth however, is that you seek to shield your self-worth.

Excessive independence: This denotes having the power to select, counter and alter. But it has to be within the structure of existing rubrics and protocols. Insisting on going one’s own way, particularly at variance with established practices ultimately proves disadvantageous.

Dreadful suspicion: The mystery of an up-and-coming career is to discover that mystery. But you simply cannot afford to be guarded about it. Being offensively wary, for whatever reason, is not likely to hold you in good stead. Your secreted intentions could get uncovered if ever you get caught.

Poor communication skills: The crux of being successful is contingent on your capacity to make known whatever you are engaged in as also have no doubt about it and not abort any of your activities. This calls for good communication skills and if you are deficient of them, you are most likely to be misjudged by others. The above reasons put you in a tight spot and when you try to cover your mistakes, your problems are compounded manifold. If you try to hurriedly make amends or try to circumvent others to get into limelight situations, the disarray that you will be in will be more fierce and severe. Therefore, it is essential that you do not indulge in falsehoods and dishonesty. Remember that dishonesty may be sweet to you, but consequently your mouth will have a very bitter taste. It is also essential that you do not rush through things when you want to keep a secret.

So what should be your line of action? You should adopt a transparent personality in order to preclude all tensions related to small erring actions. You should not do anything with the intention of impressing others. And most importantly, you must make it a point to not carry your sense of self to your workplace because it can bring about your downfall. You should be honest in your dealings, frank in your expression. If you are honest, then you will never hide your doings. What you should be subscribing to is a commitment to be honest and frank in all your dealings. is seen of you.

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