Degree no longer a deciding factor for career

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In recent years, it has been seen that the approach towards making one’s profession the think tank behind structuring careers has changed severely. It’s no more about which stream you choose or what you opt for, before or after pursuing degrees. Being into Human Resourcefor years now, I have come across various professionals, who believed in going for a career that fascinated them, and not what they had accomplished in terms of degrees and certificates. I recall an incident, which took place few years back. A Homeopath doctor, walked in the office for an interview. “How can I help you Doc,” I asked her. “Well I’m here for an interview” But this is no hospital, this is a HR Firm. “Yes, I know, I too would like to go for more challenging work like corporate affairs, Public Relations and HR.” Apart from being a Doc, if you can hire me on a part time basis, would do the corporate calls as trained by the company.” This urge to learn more and the desire to do that extra bit can only enrich one’s life. It’s like believing in philosophy of Confucius such as “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in life.” Recently, the results of Xth & XIIth were out. The newspapers flashed the toppers, the Merit lists, interviews and photographs of students, very encouraging indeed. Destiny of many students was to be decided. What next was the question? . What career to choose and which stream to opt for. Here fits the popular Quote by William J Bryan, “Destiny is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice.”

So, in a Confucius’s manner, choose the subjects/stream you love, and you will never have to slog, work hard for the marks/percentage. I got the chance of talking to few students who are actually following their instinct and want to take chances in life. Talking about one such case, a student of ICSE Board, Sakshi, just passed her Xth with flying colours. She scored 90.2 per cent and could easily get admission in Science. What was amazing was the fact that she didn’t want to pursue Science, instead, she took admission in Commerce. Why, and prompt came the reply, I know I’m good in Science, but would like to pursue my career in Banking & Finance. Well anyone of her caliber would have opted for Science, instead she choose to follow her instinct and the subject she loves the most.

Years back, I had a neighbour, a family of four. The Lady of the house was a Gynecologist, and was keeping busy round the clock. She had a brilliant daughter, who would bring home Gold medals every year. A very bright student she was. We often would tell her that she will be a Doctor like her mother one day, and she would just smile it away. Years passed, she didn’t go for either Engineering or Medicine, instead she went ahead and pursued Masters, outcome was another Gold medal. Today, she is happy being a professor of a renowned university and is travelling abroad for presentations and seminars. It is another example of treading the path of your choice & willingness.

The above cases are of parents; who gave full support and approved of their choice of profession. But that’s not the case always. We have come across many parents who have actually forced their opinion on their children to pursue subject which they were never keen on doing. Came across a few who said, though my parents have asked me to go for a particular stream, but later, will surly switch over to specialized courses to pursue my choice of profession.

As an HR professional, I have come across such resume that reflects career which has nothing to do with what they studied. When enquired, the reply comes is simple words, we have paved our own way instead of the bookish way of life.

To sum up, all one can say is that treading carefully on a path your choice, be sincere, loyal and hardworking, rest will automatically fall in to place.