10 Ways to Describe Your Personal Qualities in CV

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Writing a CV has never been easy. The problem is that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach that would definitely help you nail the job.

The things might seem even scarier after you read the statistical analysis provided by the Undercover Recruiter. They say that average time spent on your CV is around 5 to 7 seconds considering that around 250 CVs are received for each job description. 76% of CVs are ignored if their owners’ email addresses sound unprofessional.

But most interestingly, out of 68% of employers that will find you on Facebook, 1 out of 3 potential hirers will not offer you a position because of something they find about you online.

That’s where it gets interesting. This means that not only you have to describe your job experience in your CV but also add a chapter with your personal qualities. This process sounds a lot like writing personal statement to university, but with a number of differences.

We know that’s a lot of figures! But you need to see a big picture to understand the urgency of proper CV in your job search!

So, if you are ready to learn ten effective ways to master write the chapter with personal qualities right, then read on!

10 tips on how to talk about your personal traits in the CV


  1. Demonstrate good communication skills.
    Communication is at the core of every organization. Therefore, being good at communicating your thoughts and ideas is a very helpful skill.

To prove that good communication is essential for office workers, check out this article by the Entrepreneur. They state that around 54% of all employees often leave meetings having no idea what they are to do next. This hinders their productivity and makes them feel insecure in the office.
All in all, if you want to nail a job, you’d rather tell the employer that you have no problems in communication with the colleagues.


  1. Another great quality that would look good on your resume is this one. We all know that changing environments and working at a new place is not easy. But it is inevitable, so it’s helpful if you can adjust to the new place, fit in the atmosphere and “blend in” since the first day.

This will be a great help both to you and the company that hires you, as they can use your assistance right away without having to wait for you to come to sense in a new environment.

  1. Organizational skills.
    What will you do while waiting for new directions from your boss on what to do next? How good are you at organizing your working day? Can you prioritize your own tasks as well as those of your subordinates? If so, this should definitely be on your resume!
    It is vital, and employers love it when their staff are highly-structured and organized people that need no constant supervision.


  1. Teamwork skills.
    Conflicts are inevitable in a team, as we are all different, with our specific perspectives and preferences. However, an ability to find a compromise and find a solution that would fit all is a real asset to any team.

So, if you are lucky enough to be a good team player, mention it on your resume. We are sure you do not expect to see most of them in the list.

  1. You can call it enthusiasm or personal drive. Others call it passion. But no matter how you call it, you need to have this quality. You should be driven by passion when doing your job. Otherwise you are likely to burn out and lose the drip.

Search for good examples to demonstrate that you truly do have this skill.


  1. Ability to work under pressure.
    No matter what position you are offered in the company, you will face pressure at times. The American Institute of Stress shows that the main causes of stress at workplace are massive workload, people issues like conflicts, work and personal lives balance, and lack of job security.

Given that stress in the office is simply ubiquitous, you need to know how to work despite the stress you face.


  1. Being able to take up the responsibility, step up and take the initiative is something that makes an employee brilliant in the eyes of an employer.

So, if you have been proactive in the years before and have some visible results of your initiative, then add it to your CV. Companies seeking for new employees love to see that among your other skills and qualities.

  1. Problem-solving skills.
    If you know how to get out of almost any situation, know how to think out-of-the-box and do not feel abashed when under pressure, but on the contrary, can think clearly, you will not stay unemployed for too long: employers seek people like you. So, don’t lose a chance to insert this part into your CV.


  1. If you were in charge of a company, you would probably seek for people that are loyal. You would want to have someone you can trust and rely on. And this is true for most companies. They want you to be a part of their family. Therefore, your loyalty is of great importance to them.
  2. Multicultural sensitivity.
    The world we live in is getting more and more international. And for this reason, ability to tolerate different cultures becomes a real “must.” So, if you worked in a multicultural environment before or managed a group of people from different cultures, then this is your chance to play this card for your own benefit!


Writing a CV can get much easier if you know what you should write in it. Now you know it all! And you need to do is grab our tips and use them for your CV. We are sure they can do real magic for you. So, try and see!


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