Dos and Don’ts of general conduct at any workplace

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No two workplaces can be similar. What you are required to wear at work at one end of the spectrum includes the manner in which people talk, interrelate and act together amongst each other differs at the other the etiquette pertaining acceptable conduct differs from workplace to workplace. To illustrate the above, the atmosphere that prevails in a manufacturing unit may be relatively more relaxed vis-a-vis a corporate office. However, the point that needs to be remembered is that you simply cannot afford to presume that what was acceptable in your previous company or organization will be acceptable in your present one too, the similarity of your job description notwithstanding. Respecting others, extending courtesy to everybody and adherence to norms of propriety are issues that have applicability everywhere to make certain that a certain degree of cordiality and affability is maintained. Conviviality and amiability are issues that contribute to workplace productivity more than anything else. Today, all companies and organizations insist that employees must comply with the practices of professional behavior as a condition of employment. These standards facilitate generation of a conducive working environment for everyone. If you are aware of various standards that govern your workplace, you can make certain that your conduct is suitable for acceptance into the workplace culture and organize yourself for success. A code of conduct explicating behaviors that are expected and those that are not condoned is available in written form and any violation can have grave consequences.

As a thumb rule, it is essential that due consideration be given to whatever you intend reducing to words as also apologizing in the eventuality of blundering or affronting a co-worker. It is also necessary to understand that having respect for your work is more important than financial aspects of a job. If you hold your job in high esteem, you will invariably put in your best and ensure that your outputs are of a fairly high quality. A natural fallout of the foregoing will be an increased feeling of pride in doing whatever you are supposed to do.

Resultantly, you will never grumble or bemoan in situations when you are required to exert more or whenever additional responsibilities are thrust upon you. The hard truth of all workplaces is that a person who does not display a professional approach towards his work is seldom entrusted serious responsibilities. People invariably have doubts on the capabilities of such individuals – be they the ability to deliver results or meet deadlines. While at work, you are bound to have strong reservations about people and policies. But such biases should not affect your working relationships in any manner. You will have to make certain that you are fair, impartial and transparent towards one and all.

What are the “Dos and Don’ts” of acceptable behavior at any workplace? It is important that you pay special attention to things that you should refrain from doing. While it is simply a matter of using your common sense to ensure that you conduct yourself politely and respectfully, there are also some aspects that you should guard against for sure. There are some behaviors which are always taken a dim view of and disapproved. Fostering, indulging in or promoting them can bring about immense unpopularity and can even cost you your job.

On the other hand, there are several things that you should do if you want to be seen as a useful team-member and which will boost your workplace presence and image. Things that you should invariably do:

Be dressed appropriately at all times.

  • Adopt requisite formality or casualness with others, as the case may be. Follow proper cell-phone and web-browsing protocol.
  • Treat everybody with deference, even if you do not appreciate a person or his outlook.
  • Speak softly with all.
  • Come to the assistance of others to make their job easy, if you have time to spare.

Things that you should consistently not do:

  • Prattle or talk gibberish about your co-workers or seniors.
  • Being a spotlight hunter.
  • Take recourse to unfair means to get into the good books of your boss.
  • Have a presumptuous approach with regard to any action, conduct and activity, including conversation that you may be considering to indulge in.
  • Get involved in any sort of chitchat and wordplay that smacks of gender or racial insinuations.
  • Harping unnecessarily on your past laurels.

When you go to a workplace, you go to work. That should be your only priority. If you do not do justice to your work after all you are getting paid for it -it amounts to breach of trust. Therefore, you should harbor a positive, constructive and buoyant attitude and make sure that nothing that you do violates established norms of propriety. Remember that at work-place, acceptable standards of behaviour, work and respect depend upon the example of each employee and that every individual has positive contributions to make. You are at your workplace for a purpose and for achieving that, mutual respect and good relationships are inescapable.