Dream big and make it happen

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Management education is all about latest trends. It is dynamic and requires lots of reading and knowledge of the subject. This is what I enjoy the most.  The 21st century is the century of trade. As an engineer I foresighted the importance of business and trade management and hence it promoted me to do MBA and then I thought of shaping the minds of future managers of the region.  It’s dynamic and its ever changing. I am always excited by the new generation of students participating in the programme. It is also a learning process for me and that’s what drives me.

Education sector has evolved and undergone dynamic changes in the past decades. Today students have lots of choices to pursue education. I am excited to see students from rural India joining mainstream education and this I would say is an achievement of present day education.

Youth today have more freedom, are open and tech savy but, at the same time quite confused about the career choices. As a member of `Yuva Dhoran’ committee of RTMNU Nagpur, I had an opportunity to interact with the students and their perception about education and society. I personally find that our rural youth have more potential than the urban youth. And all that is required is to provide them with life skills and opportunities.

MBA students must focus on personality development and communication skills. Reading of business-related journals and awareness of global development is a must to emerge as a global manager.

What according to you is the biggest mistake today’s youth makes? Lack of focus and giving up quickly is the biggest mistake today’s youth often commit.

As Einstein said….”Average teacher teaches…good teacher demonstrates and excellent teacher inspires..” Today inspiring students and that to the rural students is the need of the hour. The student-teacher relationship in 21st century should be based on mutual learning and friendship. Once, the trust is built, motivation follows. As Sai Baba says “Shraddha and saburi,” students must have faith and patience to be successful.

Author: Adetee Sokhi