Embed yourself firmly at your new job          

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The first couple of weeks at any job are indeed very crucial from all angles. During this period, you should Endeavour to portray a genuinely good impression of yourself an impression that is long-lasting. This will make certain that that your career remains on the right track. It is essential that you work hard, display enthusiasm and do everything exceedingly well. You should exhibit a definiteness of purpose because that alone is the beginning of all efforts to accomplish anything.

The very fact that you got your present is by itself an achievement. You should not forget how much you toiled for it and also the commitments you made to the interviewing panel to work hard and come up to their expectations. Now that they placed their trust in you, you need to live up to your words. Five time-tested tips to embed yourself well at your new job are:

Display association & involvement straight away: When you are at work, there is no siesta or rest and neither is there any place for them. Whatever is expected of you, the earlier you start doing it, the better it is. You will thus come to be seen as an individual who is dynamic and ever-willing to work in organizational interests. In your quest to be seen as a person out to perform, some amount of cautiousness and risk-avoidance will have to be applied to ensure that you do not make any pledge that you are otherwise not capable to fulfill. You will be able to add value to your work and reputation if you perform well and fast. In doing so, you must focus on not only doing right things, but also doing them the right way.

Stay alert and vigilant Your career journey will have phases when you may have to go in for learning sessions. However, during the initial stages, it is actually about learning and nothing else. Display of rigidity in any form can be highly detrimental to your career interests; therefore, it is essential that you absorb as much know-how and savoir-faire as possible. All this calls for a high degree of watchfulness and caution but at the same time going all out to learn new things voluntarily. Any tendency to go in a direction that you moved in the past at your previous job or to emulate what others did there will lead to an unfriendliness, hostility and isolation at your new workplace. If a colleague needs any assistance, you should go all out to help him. After all, when you focus your attention on others, you become more versatile in their eyes and this image boosts the connectivity factor.

Remain ready at all times: Your new job places impositions on you. You need to remain systematic at all times and which, call for looking into all research that you did prior to your selection. Any uncompleted research should be completed so that you are up to date with regard to all company matters. You should not shy away from seeking help from other members of your team so that you make valuable contributions at work. Remaining ready at all times implies planning all your activities well in advance, particularly if your role has been enunciated. You should evaluate your work output and try to discern your weaknesses so that you can focus on them in future assignments. Towards the forgoing, you must set objectives for yourself and visualize doing well at your job by accomplishing them, adding on to your existing qualifications and precluding any mistakes that you may have committed.

Be attentive & responsive to things unfolding for you simply cannot perform well if you remain ignorant of what your company expects you to do or achieve. In every organization, you will come across people who blundered by accepting posts that had impressive names but are not aware of their precise functions. The person to whom you report should be clearly fathomed and appreciated well by you together with all members of your team. The individual who was relieved by you co • well e p you m is regard. However it is quite likely that he may not be able to provide you the correct inputs and hence it is you alone who will have to find out the facts. It is also necessary for you to understand how your performance is evaluated so that you do not go off-track. The crux of the matter is to leave no stone unturned to clear all doubts that you may have, even if it amounts to being extra inquisitive at times.

Plan & forecast to avoid fiascos: There is difference between an aim and a desire. The lat-ter is vague and sans any plan. If you make a plan to make your desire a reality, then it becomes your objective. It is therefore, obligatory that you plan for achieving success. The foregoing necessitates spending time in planning on how to go about for moving ahead unhindered.

Your career journey will be long and arduous and it is necessary that you are kept reminded of various actions on your part that will propel you in the direction of your objectives. Whatever you plan, the same has to be pitched at higher and lower planes; this will help you keep an eye on your progress. It is essential that your planning be done in fair detail so that you gt to discern the in which your compass is set in case you are not aware of your bearings, you will be clueless when you happen to reach your objective, if at all you do so. You must also priorities your plans so that you can decide on their individual significance and the quantum of effort that you need to allocate to each of them. In case you do not plan in advance, glitches may hit you and which, may have not have any solutions in sight leaving you to lurch in uncertainties.

Today, most companies adhere to a system wherein your capabilities are recognised and your professional knowledge appreciated. If that be so, you must work hard and shun any desire to indulge in underhandedness, deceitfulness and guile. Your output will automatically speak about every facet that goes in to make a positive you.