Fashion Designing Courses in India: Where to Study

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The fashion designing courses are intended to train the students about the designing and clothing. The students are trained with knowledge and skills that enable them to enter the world of fashion and design apparel as well as draperies, curtains and all related items.A trained fashion designer should be ahead of the current market trends that will be applicable in the coming seasons. A student who is pursuing textile designing courses, acquires training in drawing, designing women’s wear and men’swear, designing clothes for adults and children, colored fabric techniques and the new innovative technologies which are currently applied in the textile and clothing design.

The skills acquired during fashion designing courses are useful for those wish to enter the market, and work for big fashion designers, garment factories, including workplaces. A person can also invest to open his own designer studio or boutique after gaining some name and experience, and apply his knowledge of textile designing. The fashion designers can get involved in manufacture and sale of clothing, according to the dictates of fashion trends, with input from their personal and professional creativity.  The product design courses and the textile design courses usually include the following topics or thematic programs of study:

  • Concept of fashion
  • Knowledge of the anatomy of the human body in its various positions
  • Drawing the garments
  • Creative design
  • Design all types of garments
  • Knowledge of various textile materials
  • Visual expression
  • Analysis of different trends and fashions throughout history
  • Structures and types
  • Organization of collections
  • Clothing recycling

The fashion designing field has generated a range of job opportunities around the world and therefore needs highly skilled people who are able to develop projects within their field and bring them to reality. The fashion designers have been interpreting fantasies of future consumers of apparel and textiles since long and will continue their task, as long as the consumers will keep on putting demands for the most creative designs. The fashion design courses remotely offer the ability to manage personal time and become familiar with new technologies for education and training, while interacting with other students, teachers and tutors. Some of the best-known colleges and institutes in India, offering the textile designing courses include:

  1. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  2. Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, Delhi
  3. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
  4. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kolkata / Calcutta, West Bengal
  5. National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, Delhi
  6. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  7. College of Engineering Anna University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  8. PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
  9. VeermataJijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  10. National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad, Gujarat

The courses also teach the students about the problems in textile design, textile technology, product marketing, among others. Most online or classroom courses offer certificates, diplomas or certificates and equip the students with the skills to develop the best creations in the market.

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