Get the most of your work and be exultant

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Getting the most of your work and being exultant is all about loving the work that you do. It is essential that you gauge and value your outlooks and approaches vis-a-vis your work and also put them into a bigger mosaic. You should take some time off periodically and ruminate over various conditions of your work. Towards this, the following steps can be initiated:

Indulge in work that you are fond of: What is it that you enjoy doing? This query should be directed at yourself to obtain an honest response. You can take as much time as required to come up with the answer that should help you identify the nature and type of work that you would like to indulge in to bring about job satisfaction. This may appear simple and uncomplicated, but in actuality may prove other wise, unless you do some serious contemplation. While it should be your Endeavour to love whatever you are doing presently, you should also gradually embark upon work that you feel attracted to or have a penchant for.

Focus more on aspects that give you more delight: It is of little consequence whether your present job can propel you something else or not. You can still derive several advantages by doing things at your present job that offer you more pleasure. You could perhaps cogitate over various facets of your present work that enjoy doing relatively more over others. It will be in the fitness of things to look within and identify some fortes, the application of which can offer you increased contentment. In addition, you should also explore the possibility of reorganizing your work schedule in a manner that you can make best and optimum use of available breaks and prospects.

Perhaps having a straight talk with your boss can put you in a better position because such a move will be in organizational interests too.

Be taught & trained to exist with whatever you do: Quite a few of us simply cannot get motivated about our work. If you happen to be one of them, you should nevertheless strive to remain optimistic and assured about what your work ensures for you. Though circumstances and conditions differ from person to per-son, practically everybody are in jobs that play a part in maintaining our lifestyle. We may be well-off or are just able to make both ends meet; and even if we do not like our jobs much, the fact is that it is our work that pays for everything we possess. A pertinent question therefore is, “Will you continue in your job if it did not have to offer you some incentive and purpose?”

Set it all over again: You may not be able to devote every minute of your time doing things related to your work that bring you maximum delight and contentment.  Under such circumstances, you must try to adopt an upbeat approach towards your entire range and scope of work.

Ignite the spark of pleasure again: Is that what you do presently was once your passion? If yes, you should try to ignite that spark that results in pleasure once again. You should recollect facets that you once took delight in and make a deliberate endeavour to experience similar feelings again.

Remain upbeat at all times: It should be your deliberate Endeavour to  hold your own work and contri

butions in high esteem. If you simply try to remain  optimistic, constructive and buoyant, the results that follow will be pleasing and delightful.

What happens if your attempts at positive thinking or bring about a change in yourself or your conditions yields negative results? In that case, you should start thinking about alternatives. And the best alternative would be to move in the direction of your passion. However, you should refrain from taking any hurried, impetuous and injudicious action. To start with, you must look for options available to you in your present organization; a lateral transfer or a role change or even a step back could be a revitalizing action. But you must always keep in mind that by indulging in less work or shouldering less responsibilities, you cannot lead a happier life.