Getting recognized and valued at work

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There may not any organization where gratitude for work well done is automatically conveyed. There could be several reasons for this an absence of ethos that endorses or encourages gratitude, hectic or frenetic schedules and intense work pressures, to name just a few.

But you may still wonder if a short expression of appreciation is so difficult to articulate.

The truth is that in most workplaces, appreciation and recognition is not routine. And regrettably, you cannot assume it to be so. That is why in the highly competitive world of today, given the fierce and unprincipled rat race that exists, getting recognized and valued at work requires efforts more than those that go in to do assigned tasks well.

Some practical tips to get recognition for the work that you do are:

Avoid nit-picking: It is a known fact that a person who is perennially carping and fault-finding is never accepted as good company. Nit-pickers invariably do not get appreciated. This does not mean that you have to always be an acquiescing type. If you find that your outlook makes you complain and criticize things as a matter of routine, you will have to direct serious efforts to restrain yourself. You will have to display utmost caution in making remarks as whatever you utter can travel very fast. Even when you post your comments on social media sites like Face book, a great degree of caution should be exercised, because your comments can be viewed by others too. It is important to remember that positive things happen when you distance yourself from negative things. And nit-picking is a highly negative activity. It not only ruins everybody else’s day, it ruins yours too. You become more unhappy and miserable. Is a miserable person ever appreciated?

Meet your workplace ennui head on

Therefore, you ought to be always in the forefront of resolving glitches. You must always speak and do things that will help resolve issues. Changing situations will always get you recognition and appreciation.

Spot & follow organizational trail-blazers: You need to keep your eyes and ears open at your workplace to find out who is doing well and getting appreciated by the management. Having identified such people, you can use such knowledge to advantage. You will be able to discern various factors that contribute to recognition. What did a person do that led to his appreciation? It is possible that your company has a penchant to be pleased about people who work overtime or more and beyond their designated charter of duties. It is also likely that an employee who is considerate, supportive and ready to lend a hand is appreciated more than anybody else. Different establishments set great store by diverse work attributes and if you comprehend what precisely they are, you can also work hard to display them.

Build a good contact base: In quite a few instances, recognition is an out-come of the type of associations and bonds you enjoy. Man is a gregarious animal and you need to display a social attitude. At work, you cannot be a loner you cannot afford to distance yourself from various group socializing activities. You cannot afford to be detached and reclusive. A lone wolf is always a self-killer. Your efforts should be directed to be well acquainted with maximum people.

And that would necessitate discerning what matters to people – both at work and outside work. That is what networking is all about; the information that you gather can be applied at work and thus facilitate drawing recognition that you otherwise are worthy of. You can widen your con-tact base by taking membership of professional clubs and even volunteer organizations. In doing so, you will come in contact with people who will get to know you better. And if you are indeed worthy of appreciation, why will they not appreciate you? Their appreciation will have a contagious effect and you will get to be recognized at work too.

Demand recognition when warranted: This may not be always recommended, but if you find that you are being side-lined for appreciation, there is no harm in demanding it. Demanding appreciation and recognition imply asking for a promotion and incentives. And for that you have to be proactive and go all out for it. It may entail blowing your horn too, but that should be done with due diligence. You should maintain a record of your achievements and make them known discreetly to your boss and others who matter. And even then if you fail to elicit any appreciation, you can always request for a formal review. To get recognition and appreciation, you have to indulge in some self-promotion too.

It will be really unfortunate if your workplace culture smacks of inability to appreciate employees for good work done by them. If that really be so, then you are perhaps serving a wrong organization. Should you continue to be denied appreciation, you may consider bidding adios to your present company and look for another where you will feel genuinely valued.

Author: Seema Rani

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