Handling a Self absorbed boss

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Working under a boss who is egotistic can be an ordeal. His self-pride can prove to be an ordeal of sorts because at your workplace there are a multitude of issues involved. A self-absorbed boss will suffer from temper fluctuations which can be upsetting. Your very concentration on work can suffer. However, such individuals have positive side too; they have good business acumen and great communication skills. A certain charisma that they exhibit tends to draw attention towards them too.

Self-absorbing individuals are of several types. You have the deceitful, radical and adamant categories. There is also the choosy type that displays immense haughtiness. But for the purpose of this article, we shall address only the generalist one.

An egotistic senior invariably indulges in self-adoration. If you hap-pen to differ with him on any issue, Self adoration is what is sought and if there is any incongruity of views with him, his arrogance will come into play almost immediately. Whatever he does is guided by the fact that he wants to remain the focus of attention. Anything that is a deviation from accepted principles but serves his interest will serve to be alright with him. A boss who displays such traits is hell bent of making use of your hard work and valuable time.

A person who adopts a self centered approach will eventually make him worthless and to cover which, he will become pretentious and self-important. No appreciation will be shown to your hard work. Therefore, if you have to serve under such a person, you have to be tactful.

Some tips to handle a self absorbing boss are:

Think pragmatically: You need to ponder over what your job holds out for you. If it is important, then you have no option but to tolerate him. Because he is unlikely to give in, you should make the best of all things and make your job gratifying. But if you feel that you find another job, then that is the best option. It is important that at your new workplace, you should make known your likes and dislikes as also the limits you are willing to cross, particularly with regard to your workdays and timings of work. Never agree to work on days that are essentially closed holidays or your compensatory offs.

Think logically. As stated earlier, a self-absorbed boss may ab initio impress you with his persuasive skills. You could be assigned work that is not in your charter at all. You may also receive illogical instructions and hence the need to think logically cannot be dispensed with. Under such circumstances, you should deliberate things in a clever manner and evaluate the correctness of the course of action being proposed. Even while bargaining for salary or increments, he may win you over saying that his offer is perhaps the best. You ought to make a very conscious decision in acquiescing with an egotistic superior.

Acclaim him occasionally: In dealing with a self-absorbing boss, acclaiming him occasionally is an important factor for pulling along. Frequent praise will work wonders. If you make it known to him that you hold him and his achievements in high esteem, his confidence in you will get boosted. But never ever forget the fact that he is a person drenched in his own self and that he issues you your pay cheque.


Manipulate your conversations: Doing so will help you get away from awkward situations in a manner that you want. You can agree to disagree alright, but telling him something negative at the first instance will not be appreciated. You should refrain from contradicting him in the first instance because his reaction can be unfavorable to you.

Remain indifferent: A boss is a boss and you can escape the truth of it. But you can always be indifferent and unconcerned to his impertinent behavior all of a sudden. If you retort, ensure that you do so only to emerge triumphant. Any action that entails a long-drawn battle with your boss will do you more harm than benefit. Therefore, you should draw your inferences after a due deliberation. It is best if you can protect yourself by putting up an imaginary screen in front of you to bounce off anything undesirable that he may utter.

All the tips listed above can help you overcome workplace dilemmas associated with a self-absorbing boss. It will be wrong to presume that you will be able to do away with resentment and bitterness. You will be afflicted by them, but then you can always turn your back on them. That is where a positive attitude comes into play

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