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All workplaces, because of the presence of people, necessitate interactions between them. In the absence of a congenial climate, human relationships will not be friendly. In order to maintain a friendly working environment, it is essential that people enjoy good relations. And good relations can be brought about if you have an unbiased, progressive and liberal midset. You should be amenable to new ideas and suggestions; and also adapt yourself to rapidly changing situations. That can only be possible if you have a flexible disposition. It is therefore, no wonder that employers are always on the lookout for people with such outlooks.

A flexible disposition entails a readiness to acknowledge others on their terms and conditions. There is escaping the need to adjust yourself with different category of people, particularly the recalcitrant and complicated personalities. Your objective ought to be simple but clear you must not at all be problematic at all you will automatically get to be known as a flexible person if people get along well with you. Being flexible also calls for dovetailing the priorities of others in your own scheme of things. It is essential that you wear the hat of others and view things from their point of view. That would mean finding middle ground.

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There is always hostility to change. People, including you are bound to repel new suggestions, particularly when it pertains to doing things differently. However, since the modern workplace and working methodologies are all about teamwork, it is essential that you address all issues open minded. It is only then that you will be able to carve out a position for yourself. A person who has a flexible disposition understands this tenet well and exercises self-restraint. He will never make

a point unless he comprehends all nuances of an issue. Therefore, when you participate in discussions, flexibility implies registering the views of others and responding and remarking judiciously.

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As an employee, you have to embrace change and be flexible in your approach and dealings. You have to ring out the old and ring in the new. The benefits that accrue from a flexible disposition are many; the major ones are:

You get to increase your prospects: Like the world, today, even the workplace is in a state of flux. And hence, if you can adjust to altering urgencies, primacies and precedence, you will be regarded as an organizational resource. In this context, your capabilities and qualifications will be secondary, though their importance will per sist. You will have to display immense zip and drive in coping up with organizational fluctuations and vacillations.

You balance out work and personal obligations: Today, the boundaries between work-timings and off-time have become indistinct. This is primarily on account of technological advancements that have made communications and commuting easy. Most people fail to accept these changed circumstances and are thus prone to immense career risks. It is all about making adjustments and modifications; and entails changing times lots for official and personal tasks. Given the fact that technology is always available at your disposal, there is no way that you will not be able to fulfill all your work and personal obligations. In fact, with altered precedence, you will  be better geared for the purpose.

You gear up better to face & accept change: The truth about fluctuating workplace subtleties and the forces at work there is undeniable. Therefore, coping with them makes it imperative to accept change; your acceptance entails fine-tuning yourself to act appropriately as a riposte. Change will take place and any attempt to display rigidity in any form will cause a dent on your well-being. You will have to acknowledge change and have a flexible stance to be able to address trying state of affairs that may follow.

It is not that a flexible approach is required of employees only. Today companies have come to understand that it can be a triumphant proposal for them too. They have realized that it is because of flexibility alone that they can pull and draw the best talent boost employee trustworthiness and dedication and address issues related to unpunctuality, skiving and attrition.

Responding confidently and optimistically to change not only empowers you to deal with uncertainties, but leads you on the path to success in your career ascendancy and contentment alike. It is your flexible disposition that will facilitate your career advancement, help you in acquiring new skills, boost your productivity and accomplish your objectives. Moreover, your career journey will be rendered more pleasurable and gratifying. Therefore, it will not be presumptuous to state that in the in the ever-fluctuating workplace scenario, flexibility as a skill is a must. It will be no exaggeration to state that it is the key to your survival.

Flexibility is an inescapable condition if you seek to fulfill your yearnings, attain objectives, realize imaginings and actualize dreams. In fact, it is a new lens through which you view your very existence and being. If you desire success, you will have to change with times.

Author: Seema Rani

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