Heighten your workplace delight

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Being happy at your workplace is something that is totally in your charge and jurisdiction. When you feel delighted, you radiate delight in other words, your happiness generates happiness in others. And when the workplace smacks of cheerfulness, the degree of employee loyalty goes up as also the resilience of the company you work in. And in the process, customer satisfaction and loyalty also shoots up; the outcome of such a development favorably impacts business advantages.

Research conducted has established beyond doubt that an upbeat outlook and disposition bring down stress levels amongst employees significantly and at the same time bolster their resistance system.

Resultantly, employees tend to think in a more all-inclusive manner. They thus have an open mind and are better geared to deal with glitches and tricky situations in a more intelligent and competent manner. Employees who are happy and who take delight in their work invariably think big and hence are definitely more imaginative, cooperative and ready to lend a hand. Such an attitude automatically offer them more options to exercise from. In a nutshell, employees who take pleasure in doing whatever they are supposed to do make their companies robust and buoyant. With the competitive environment that exists today, companies are thus able to face business challenges and trials with ease.

There are three major happiness factors that you can exercise control over and hence are in a better position to put into practice. When you do so, you tend to spontaneously and inevitably boost your own feelings of delight, your personality being of whatever type notwithstanding. These three factors are:

Sanguinity & hopefulness: People may assert to the contrary, but the fact is that you can learn sanguinity and hopefulness. It is all about individual perception the manner in which you decide to deduce and infer; and defend and justify whatever you experience during daytime. To illustrate the point, don’t we exercise options on a regular basis to justify whatever is happening in the world around that we happen to be in? Should anything adverse happen and we attribute it to our bad luck, we are in doing so, minimizing our happiness. But if you view the development positively and take it in your stride, you increase your happiness level. Your sanguinity and hopefulness should always be pitched high. You need to always look at the sunny side of things.

Thankfulness & appreciation: You should knowingly, enthusiastically and purposefully spare time at your workplace to express your gratefulness and gratitude to others. In fact, such feelings should come from within. You need to be humble and gracious at all times; and when you are grateful to others for everything that happens to you, around you and about you the results are astounding. You should be thankful and appreciative to also those with whom you may have differences of opinion because such differences develop powers of thought in you. A powerful work environment that you bring about in the process will transform your company’s culture for the better too.

Tolerance & compassion: Forgiveness is a quality that is displayed not by the weak, but by the strong. If you cling on to your ire and bitterness, you are more prone to tension and anxiety. Therefore, it is essential that you forgive others and retain the grace and subtlety of your life. Remember that when you harbor no ill-will towards anybody, including yourself and abandon all antipathies and compunctions, you make peace with yourself and everything else. You get to be happy in the process and it is your happiness that breeds happiness in others. Your workplace thus becomes a ‘look forward to place’. It is also essential that your entire thinking process should be positive and revitalizing. Positive thinking diffuse stressful conditions and a feeling of relaxation is generated. You need to be in a state of flow, as they say. A state of flow ensures that you create a different perspective of a situation at hand and which, facilitates transformation of negative feelings into positive ones. Enduring happiness is what follows. When you decide to be happy at your workplace, you are making use of a powerful business tool to create and work. Your workplace will rebound with happiness and the emotional well-being of your seniors, colleagues and subordinates will register an upward swing for sure. And together with it. your company’s productivity and resilience too.