Top 10 home based business for indian housewife

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This article primarily focuses on highlighting the life of a housewife. I am not acting partial here, just helpful! Gone are the days when women could not fulfill their dreams after having a family. Now, there are various ways where in a woman can enhance her career as well as take complete care of her household.

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‘Multi-tasking’ is the new cool. Women can now immerse one foot in the pool of profession, while other in personal happenings. Advancement in technology is to be thanked for this. The economy is tough and hence, companies are retrenching their staff. This may in turn offer more job prospects to the stay-at-home moms. So, are you a stay-at-home mother? Do you want to stay at home and make some money? Do you want your talent and ideas to not go waste? Then I suggest you to go on and read this article because this article is just for you.

Here are a few professions you could try your hand at staying at home:

  1. Online data entry– Many companies need employees who could enter data for them. These companies offer offshore data entry work and since Internet is used extensively for hours everyday, why not make some money out of it? All you need to make sure is that the company you think of working for is genuine and pays properly. Also, be cautious and do check company reviews.
  2. Writing jobs– If you have a knack for writing, then this job is wondrous for you. There is a lot of content development work such as web content, magazine articles, promotional content, etc. Besides content writing work is pretty much in demand these days. But make sure you pull up your socks, because these projects are time based and have to be submitted on time.
  3. Beauty salon– Fashion runs in the veins of today’s generation and therefore, beauty salons are in much demand. All you need is to be trained in this field, and you are ready to start a beauty salon of your own. Once your business grows, employ a few workers who could lend you a helping hand. this business is a great way of earning money from home.
  4. Tiffin service– For all those who love cooking and make others lick their fingers, starting a ‘dubba’ service will work in your favour. A lot of migrants-students and professionals who do not have the time to cook for themselves and still want to relish home cooked food, direly search for such services. Tiffin service is quite lucrative and homely.
  5. Sewing– Indian women are believed to know how to sew. Bollywood movies propagate this idea where a poor mother educates her children by sewing clothes day and night. The skill of sewing is inherited by Indian women and is therefore a great profession to be pursued. Many garment companies tie up with women and provide them regular work. Also, you could start your own boutique, and who knows your small business might end up into a huge brand!
  1. Consultancy service– If you belong to an IT back-ground, you would know what the job involves. So, if you have friends who too are housewives, you could start a consultancy firm and provide service to an organization or work on a freelance basis as well.
  2. Tutoring/ Counseling– This has been one of the most primitive jobs that home makers resort to. It is a noble way to serve the society and earn handful. Now-a-days tutoring isn’t limited to teaching young students and children. It also involves counselling of both, parents and children.
  1. Selling self-made products– This is one of the most popular work at home jobs taken up by housewives. You could make various things like soaps, candles, t-shirts, mugs etc sitting at home and within your comfort zone without compromising on anything. Also, if you are good at painting, the world around you becomes your canvas. Just sell your skill at a good price.

Author: Sugra. K