How to Make Your Resume an Attention Seeking Resume?

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It is a common notion that a person is obsessed with one document for the entire life. This document is none other than the resume that leads you to your dream job. Intensive review and page to page study is all what a resume gains from you. Even with your resume getting so much of attention there are time when your resume might miss the attention of the recruiters. Does all your attention makes any sense now? The following article talks about how you can get a resume that seeks attention of the recruiters.

Heard of TDLR? In this era of acronyms, TDLR stands for ‘Too Long Didn’t Read’ and if you are in the job search process, and have heard of this acronym, then you should probably start working on your resume more than you ever did before. Your resume needs attention from you so that you the recruiters can give it immediate attention.

A resume is meant to have all your details related to qualifications and work experience. But while putting up this information you should do it in a way that your resume does its job in just a blink of recruiter’s eyes.

Here is how you can make your resume an attention seeking resume:


Add the Essential Elements

There is a set of essential elements that a resume must have. If you miss any of these elements you will have to go and work out on it as soon as you know it is missing. The necessary elements are as follows;

  • A loaded front that quickly makes a case and is retained for further consideration
  • The Keywords that are picked from the job description
  • Essential Space and Right formatting
  • Flow of information that does not confuse a recruiter

Keep Your Information Clear & Crisp

List your name, phone number, email address at the top of your resume. That’s the crisp information that the recruiter will get in touch with you. There is no need of additional information such as home address. If needed the recruiter will ask for it.

Add Self-Description

Earlier the two line objective made its way in a resume, now is replaced by a brief self-description that says what you are and what do you have to offer. A line or two about yourself will keep the recruiter interested in you.

Add selective Skills

You may have a number of skills but pinning down the ones that suit the job you are applying for. Prioritize your skills and focus on those skills that are most valuable and unique. Skills are one of the major reasons that make you employable. One of the ways to do this is to pay attention on the job posting and highlight your skills that match the job posting.

Add a Communicating Story

That one thing that your hiring manager should know about from your resume is your story. If there is logic and soundness in your story, go with it even if it has gaps in between. It is necessary not to hide your story.

Personalize Each Time

When you are ready to start applying with your almost attractive resume, the last thing that you should keep in mind is adding personalization to each job that you apply. Be sure that you include specific word phrases from the job description and scrutinize the skills to be the ideal match for that job. This way the chances of ignoring your resume diminish to quite good an extent.

What Should You Take Care Of?

Other than making your resume attractive, there are certain points about which you should take care of so that your resume does not get overlooked for these minor things. You should take care that your resume should not have:

  • A lot of grammatical and spelling errors
  • A difficult to understand format
  • Lack of proof to justify your experience years
  • Lack of the minimum required skills that the job demands
  • Large gaps in experience without an explanation
  • Go through resume samples before you make a move


In the end, there is one thing to remember that the recruiting manager viewing your resume has a number of resumes carrying similar information in front. So it is human to pick the one that is neat, well-formatted and has the exact information as the recruiter is seeking. The one that lacks the necessary is sure to get thrown in the trash. So in order to grab your dream job, your resume should be able to market you well.

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