How to start Career in Online Share Trading

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If anyone feels interested in the stock and share trading then he or she can make a very promising and bright future ahead. Just a couple of years ago we used stay behind from this field of share trading due to certain kinds of myths like share trading is being compared as a kind of gambling. But share trading or stock marketing is actually a kind of transaction in which the individual is involved with the transaction of buying and selling of the equity shares or security. There is another notion prevalent in the market that the share trading is a matter for the rich. But share trading is for everyone and there is no class bound. They can buy minimum price. Risk is another big factor for that reason the share trading market went down to a great extent. The graph for the shares will go ups and down and there involves a great amount of risk, but a thorough survey reveals that it is absolutely false if proper strategy is being maintained then risks can be avoided to a great extent. So, before you start a career in share you should have a full thorough knowledge about it.

So, this article will throw light on every pros and cons of share trading. It will show you what are the various career prospects that are waiting for you and also being a fresher what the initial investment that you have to do for it.

“Never tell people how to do the things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.”-George S. Patton

Stock Broker:Stock broker or the financial adviser usually helps their client or customers with the best financial investment. The actual trading is being done on behalf of the customers. Customers usually have the least knowledge about share trading and sometimes it’s not possible for the customers to have a regular watch on the price of the shares that is the reason why clients require stock brokers. They have an eagle eye on the prices of the shares whether it goes up or down.

Stock Trader: generally these traders are being hired by some institution or by any organisation. They used to do the trading entirely for that organisation or the institution. The profit will be entirely for the organisation they will be given only the salary, sometimes these traders do business for themselves only.

Stock Analyst:stock analyst is the person who analyse the current economy structure and give advice to the institutions about the holding of the stocks. They keep a thorough track of the financial statements of the share traded by the public of the companies.

The candidate should be from a finance background, and have to pass the series of 7 exams along with training from the various share trading firms.

Investment Banker:These investment bankers actually issue the stocks to the public for trading, not only they also evaluate a company and finally fix the price of the shares. They also find potential customers in the market for the expansion of the company’s business.

To get a job as an investment banker will really be tough one. Candidate should be MBA background with minimum experience of 5 years.

For the fresher’s, share trading can definitely prove to be wrathful. There are many institutes or farms are there who provide trainings to the fresher’s like  RMJ institute of capital market, Edge institute for financial studies, National Institute of Financial Markets. They provide various short and long term courses on share trading with good placement assistance.