Ideas of first impression in a job interview

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A job interview, whether it is your maiden one or not, is a vital element of your job search. We all know that resumes tend to be inflated and do not represent facts. Therefore, any selection by an employer based on them can be a wrong decision. An interview is a process wherein an employer tries to obtain corroboratory evidence. It can thus herald employment and lead to a long-term association; on the contrary it can also lead to rejection.


Like in any other activity or event where one to one exchanges take place, an interview also affords authenticity to emotive reactions brought about because of such exchanges. The first impression matters; the impact is created almost instantaneously. It is not that such an impression is not revocable, but the process can be time consuming and is therefore, improbable. Human beings are such that their thought processes initiate instant actions and this why reversal of decisions invariably is demanding. They accept the brain’s response and tend to concentrate on what is to follow Regrettably, people fail to make the des’ interview Surveys conducted have indicated that if you have a positive impression of somebody, the same is strengthened by his or her responses to even rudimentary queries. And it has also been concluded that if you happen to like someone, you tend to ask simple questions. On the other hand, if a person has not been able to create a good first impression, you tend to look for ways and means to freeze it by using their weak responses to rather difficult questions. While a first impression is created by of the dressing sense of a candidate and his or her handshake, this should not be presupposed. A strong first impression will always and certainly follow your confident answers. How do you achieve that? Given below are some tips:

Don’t slump in the chair in the waiting hall: You will become noticeable if you do this. The first impression that you will create will be of a person stuck in a muddle. You should be alert, paying atten you display mental and physical preparation, that is enthusiasm, you will meet the individual conducting the interview head on.

Be well-prepared for small talk: Like at a party, there are starters in an interview too. Small talk is a casual form of conversation that “breaks the ice” or fills an awkward silence between people. The days when you were made to wait in a hall and your name was called out when your turn for the interview came are over now Today, there is the culture of ‘everybody working and nobody idle’ that prevails in practically all organizations and hence, in all probability, you will be met by the interviewer at the reception itself. And there is nothing small about small talk because it helps you in creating the first impression.

Don’t refuse anything or beg to be excused unnecessarily: You must say ‘Yes’ to anything that transpires in the interview. In most organizations, tea or a glass of water is served to interviewees, you must accept this hospitality as a matter of routine. The time that you spend cogitating while having water or tea will offer you adequate opportunity to ponder over your possible responses to questions. Remember that if you make a first impression, you may be asked elementary questions in the interview proper, though you cannot afford to not prepare for the professional querying.

Your self confidence is the singular most important key to success. And an important key to self-confidence is the amount of preparation that you make to face the job interview. Remember that a job interview is like a boxing ring – you either be a winner or get knocked out. You either clinch a job or lose out on it. To emerge successful, you need to ensure that you make a strong positive impact. You cannot hide behind the wall of unconununicativeness or unwarranted restraint. To that extent, your first impression will call the shots.