If Writing inherited or thought

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It is rightly said that “Words are mightier than sword.” However, everyone cannot use words and frame them in a manner that attracts the mood of a reader or a listener. Freedom of expressing thoughts is bestowed on all, but the apt way of expressing it without sounding demeaning is not a cup of coffee. Hence, not many can make a lucrative career out of writing. You might find plenty of authors budding each day, wanting to explore, create a niche’, but their ineffectiveness in compiling their ideas produces a draw-back. It is not that they are not dedicated towards their work or are uninterested. You are not always born with a hobby that you are good at.

A huge range of new, flowering writers/authors are seen today. From a BA graduate to an IIT-IIM investment banker, a huge range of authors have created a place for themselves in the literary world. This, hence means that many grey cells in the race of achieving success want to be called authors. Albeit ideas, thoughts and skills of an individual are his own, there are certain things that can be learnt over a period of time, and if you are a wordsmith and writing is your passion, words flow through your mind and ideas pop every now and then, but only don’t form a lyrical entity, ease those frowning line and know that it is now possible to learn how to write.

There are several courses initiated by various organizations to teach individuals the art of writing meaningfully. Individuals to get a seat for learning the course might or might not have to go through a tough selection process, after which they are finally selected to go through the official training.

Aspiring writers with passion, intelligence, quirkiness and comprehension can pretty well develop themselves with the help of the course and evolve their writing skills. Many new attributes can also be acquired.

However, certain things are inherent and cannot be forced to form a part of an individual personality or become his/her trait. Methods to acquire the skill of writing on one’s own:

Read : a lot. Reading is absolutely vital to become a good, writer. If you can distinguish good writing from bad, you are sure to go a long way!

Write: Writing is essential to becoming a writer, isn’t it? Weave your ideas and jot them down in words. Do some more of it. Analyse. Get it checked from people who you think write well. Improve.

Be aware: Awareness of the intellect and heart can do wonders. It can perform some invisible tricks that can prove to be fascinating. Awareness doesn’t leave the mind empty, which in turn affects one’s writing ability.

Methodology: Create a method to deal with phases wherein you have lack of ideas and are disappointed with work. Organize material, push the envelope, stimulate the brain waves, find a new direction and get going.