Important pointers about the importance of HR certifications

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HR certifications are the most valuable tools in any HR professional’ arsenal, especially if they are aspiring for fast career growth. However, there are quite a few options for HR certifications out there and the incumbent needs to be absolutely sure that the HR certification courses that they will choose, especially in emerging countries like India, will serve their purpose of HR career growth in different industries.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when seeking HR certifications and their related courses-

Post completion- After all, the end scenario has to be kept in mind, else the HR certification course in which you are investing your time and money will simply not see any return on the same. It’s a great idea to choose an HR certification that will fulfil your objective selectively, such as higher pay or perhaps a change in the job role and function.

Growth Scope- Another important factor to remember is the breadth of growth it provides in the HR domain. Remember that not all HR certifications are equal in the growth opportunities that they provide, and some of them may be specialized and restricted to specific functions such as payroll or recruitment functions only.

Industry Acceptance- this is another important factor, especially if you are looking for HR certification courses in India and other such highly competitive markets. Remember that your HR certification is valid for your career growth only if employers in the market are actually asking for it. Refer to recruitment adverts to get a better idea on the same.

Professional Acknowledgements – HR certifications are not useful if existing industry leaders and senior professionals in the business function are not talking about it. Before you take up an HR certification course, the best thing to do is to talk to actual HR professionals and senior HR experts about it to find out what the prospects of a successful certification are.

Experience Level – This is an often ignored indicator of how valuable an HR certification can be to your career. It is usually so that the more experience you have the better your chances of an immediate career jump the moment you earn your HR certification. Try to check whether your chosen credential is for freshers or more experienced professionals. Remember, the more the experience, the better your chances of getting into a senior role with immediate effect.

Overall costs and Other important considerations – like any other certification, it is of course recommended that your choice of HR certification not be the cheapest out there that you can possibly choose. At the same time, it is equally important to stick to a budget you can afford. So choose your HR certification wisely, and opt for the one that offers maximum value addition in terms of any additional HR certification courses, course materials or extended renewal.

Accreditation – by far the most important factor in this list, the accreditation of your HR certification will eventually decide the level of industry recognition that you will end up getting as a certified HR professional. Always try to opt for the HR certification that has the maximum accreditation, not only in your country, but also across the world. This will ensure that your career prospects also thrive in other countries and economies after you earn your HR certification.