Junctures lead to Milestones

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Have you just completed your 10 or 10+2? And still do not have a clue about your career prospects? Are you delirious and need immediate answers to your questions? Do not worry! We are here to provide you just that.


Choosing a career at the beginning has a long lasting impact on a student’s future. It is vital for a student to follow his heart and choose from the options available. In order to achieve success, you must walk on the path that interests you. Good judgment and right kind of aptitude coupled with guidance is a wonderful combination which will help you choose the ‘right career’. Although 12th is regarded as a more important juncture to decide upon a stream, SSC too has a significant role. It leaves the door towards a better future ajar.

Here is what you could do after 10th: Many of you might be thinking of opting science so that you can ‘keep your options open’. However, like mentioned earlier, there is absolutely no need to pursue subjects that you have no interest in. Just do not take up things for the sake of it. What you could do instead is draw up a list of career that you would like to pursue and figure out which stream would give you the adequate tools to lead you to it. Research could help you a lot. What to do after 12th?

Board exams are tiring and impart a lot of pressure. But fairing badly is defmitely not the end of the world. A lot of courses are available that just need you to score a minimum of 50 per cent marks. Too much, eh?! These courses require you to only pass an entrance test. There are a lot of out of the box vocations to try your hands has. Even if then you are unsure, here is a guideline:

1 ) Choose higher education in the stream you already are in- If you had science with PCM, you can go for a higher degree in professions test- engineering, architecture, IT and science degrees in physics, chemistry, statistics, etc. If you had science with PCB, you can go for MBBS or allied medical fields. Lot of other interesting options are also available like biochemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, bioinformatics and pure sciences like botany, zoology and research in biological sciences. B. Corn, BBA, B Com LLB, etc are other courses that you could do after 12th commerce or you could hone your skills in financial sector. If you took humanities, go for BA in your chosen subject.

2) Appear for an entrance test- Take up an entrance exam depending on the stream you wish to take up. See how you fair. Also, while studying for the test you will be confident enough if the subject lures you or not. Give several of such tests.

3) Change, if necessary- Many a times one takes up a stream to ‘keep options available’ after 12th. However, this in the time to be determined and choose. Depending on your interest and aptitude, make a switch. Change if indispensable.

4) Take a Psychometric Assessment- A Psychometric Assessment helps one to map his or her real talent. You might feel that you were only in Std. X when you took an aptitude test, but that does not suffice. This career assessment not only helps you to map your Inherent Aptitude but also helps you recognize your Personality Traits and Interest Profile.

There is a standard and validated psychometric test by the name My Talent Test. This test primarily judges a person across seven different aptitudes and 28 different personality traits and also student’s interest profile; thereby understanding the unique pattern in students.

5) Choose a vocational course-Vocational courses like Travel and Tourism and Office Administration also offer good choices.

6) Plan- If you have chosen a career stream but are unable to pursue it because of various reasons, work on Plan B. For instance: You want to become a journalist and are not able to make it to journalism course, you can still go for a related graduation course, and in your PG, take up journalism.

7) Speak with career counselors- Do not just follow what your counselor says in an imbecile manner, but do heed. They have a lot of experience and hence, might be able to channelize your interests and focus it into the right direction.

8 ) Take help from parents- Parents might also be able to figure out what your talent lies in since they have seen you grow from ant to an even bigger one! Discuss your apprehensions with them and Endeavour to contemplate their views.

But at the end of the day, the choice has to be yours.

Author: Sahana Ghosh