Learning through a process lasts longer

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There are a select few in this world who are lucky to do what they wish to still get paid for the same, I consider myself in that select few category, albeit a lesser mortal but lucky nonetheless. What drives me in this career is the satisfaction that I derive from the satisfied students and in their eventual success not only as a professional but also as a human being.

I believe that opportunities come to you in the disguise of hurdles, so I had my own share of it and that what makes us what we are without challenges and struggles life would be too bland to live. However, the biggest challenge was to prove myself in the system I landed in – and by the grace of God, my parents and my family I was able to ace it.

No compromises with quality and meritocracy, this is true in most of the field, but more so in the field of education cause you are affecting a generation after generation. The state should move out of this sector lock, stock and barrel, barring some good, proven and independent regulatory bodies, the state should not play any role in this field. Yeah, one area their presence is very much needed is at the primary school level the early education sector.

Youth is impatient and has so many distractions to blame. He has the problem of focus, and the biggest issue I see with this generation is that they are losing the ‘art of self study’ which definitely is a slow pace of learning but then learning is a ‘process’ and when you learn through crash courses and tuitions it’s volatile because here you are trying to make it an ‘event.’ Leaning through a process lasts longer than through an event.

I had been a product of my environment, I had spent the most malleable and moldable part of my early childhood in the company of teachers and facilitators. I had lived my childhood in a very academic environment, Professors’ Colony, to be precise. I think it has its imprint. May be subconsciously these role models have influenced me in taking up this profession. I call it ‘my calling.’

I have my own reservations about our education system, but then we are an important part of the system, so to a certain extent we cannot lay blame at other peoples’ doorstep. But I see a lot of scope and lot of hope, but will that be realized and brought to fore I have my own doubts.