Let’s Do It Today

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My mantra is very simple. But I do not know how many have the heart to follow it. Love what you do and do what you love is my success for mantra.

‘Let’s Do It Today’ is the mantra. Because opportunity never comes back again to knock your door. May be the journey might be full of obstacles and you may face failures but nevertheless do not forget that the way to success is through the path of hardships. Remember that neither darkness nor success is permanent so keep treading, one day success will be all yours. Keep in mind that perseverance always pays.

I am motivated to be the best teacher I can possibly be because every day I try to focus on helping every student of mine to make him perform better. I aim at making them a little better than what he was last year. I just want that whatever time the students spend in my supervision, it should just add them on making them a better person and a better citizen. Finally the smile that comes on their faces after they grasp a difficult topic or concept gives me immense pleasure.

I don’t think our education system is bad, but the time duration for any course or graduation is very long. Moreover I feel that many have made the education sector like a money making business. In private schools one feels that the school without any second thought ensures to hike the fees year after year but no major improvement is made on the quality of education or on the facilities provided to the students. Moreover many times the infrastructure is also pathetic with hardly any space for kids to play. Also the compulsion to buy study material and notebooks from the school only also is not something to be applauded.

The government needs to focus on providing good education opportunities for youth. They should concentrate on providing professional courses to students who are below poverty line. Another important thing is that more attention should be given on the syllabi which should be designed in consultation with the respective industry the student is going into so that the student has a fair idea of what exactly he is heading towards.

I don’t consider the youth of today ‘stupid’ first of all! But most of the youth today want instant gratification and don’t wish to work at something or put any efforts into anything. Life is not all about friends, parties, I-pods and masti, they should know. Their over-confident attitude really puts me off many times.

Be focused on your goals, success has no shortcuts and there is no alternative for hard work. Keep working hard unless you achieve your goals. Never let your efforts rest, not until good becomes better and better becomes the best.