Live the moment to the fullest

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Very frankly, I didn’t chose teaching, rather teaching chose me. I was happy as an Interior Design Professional. But eventually like most working women in India, I too was challenged at a point of time, by my dilemma to choose my quality time I devote and divide between work and family and obviously I had to priorities considering my son. Teaching Interior Design came to me as a win-win situation, wherein I could keep in touch with my line of work while I shift towards another working space.

What drives you in this career? Being in touch with the young blood and ability to have a share in chiseling their future gives me a high. In the process of teaching, It too get to learn new things each day, when i study myself also new things and ideas come up every time during the discussions with the students. Each day brings new creative enclaves.

Hurdle, per se i wont call them hurdle. rather they can be termed as ‘challenges.’ As I was not the traditional teacher, so when I started, I was wondering whether i would be able to put my point across and make a subject understandable and easy at the same time for the students. As, earlier my communication skills were limited to only explaining my designs to clients and convincing them about my ideas of space planning. And it was terrifying too in the beginning as its a huge responsibility A part of next generation is in your hands, you can make or break their careers.

As an educationalist, what is your personal approach towards teaching? I believe in taking a practical approach towards teaching more than the classroom teaching. I take my students to live sites, to furniture workshops, building materials’ factories etc, to make a topic easier and interesting to them. I always encourage them to find themselves some Interior works too that is in progress and visit them, ask questions to the last workman, as they are ones who work on the details. And always keep their eyes and ears open and keep absorbing from the environment, society and media. from everywhere they should make a habit to learn and constantly have the mind-frame of a designer.

We unfortunately lack a lot in our education system. High time that we start and revive the courses that are being offered, some degree are so in vain that they fail to sculpt a thorough professional. Admission procedure too is quite mechanical. Students should rather be judged on their aptitude , through aptitude tests (framed practically) designed in tune to their choice of profession.

Like i said, more practical exposure, so that they are prepared for the professional world. Else they learn one thing at the college and when they step out at the hardcore professional world, they are absolutely clueless about their standing there. Also less weight age on so called formal exams. Also more transparency in grading system will make things easier for students and their parents as well.

I am quite impressed with these kids. They are lot more informed and are more techno savvy. They are more open to new fields then those traditional and limited career options earlier offered. They are more experimental too. I find a lot of positivity and buzzing energy in them.

A word of advise for them…

They need to learn better time management. Only thing is they need to be much in control of themselves rather than being a toy in the hands of gadgets and the big bad corporate world, whose target buyers are these youth, who are vulnerable.

They must think big of course and work towards their dream untiringly. At the same time they need to work on their emotional quotient. As only materialistic success should not be the final goal. They need to learn more patient. Handling and managing stress is a virtue in today’s world. Also maintaining healthy relationships professionally and personally is an art to be mastered.

Your personal mantra for success in life and career.

Live the moment to the fullest, give your best shot to the task at hand and leave the result to destiny. “Work for the best and be prepared for the worst and live life Kingsize”

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