Naive to heroic !

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Every individual dreams of achieving great things in life. They educate themselves to become a part of that society which at least lives satisfactorily on its own terms. However, tasting success doesn’t come easily. It requires dedication and focus. Have you thought how amazing it would be if you could start working for your dream when you barely have responsibilities stacked on your shoulders? And the ecstasy you will feel when with very few rounds around the sun you started living your dream? Yes my friend, it is possible!

A new trend, almost a necessity named ‘internship’ has entered the market recently. This being gets you closer to your dreams when you are petite, inexperienced, ambitious and most of all willing. Internships are basically for students who work for an organization or individuals to gain ample experience before stepping into the real world and becoming a part of it. It helps one to have a glimpse at what the big bad world holds for them, where he/she stands and what he/she requires to do in order to adapt efficiently. A reality check is what an internship provides. Internship is similar to apprenticeship. It follows the system of training by an organization, a new generation of individuals or practioners with on-the-job training along with education. It is usually temporary and can be paid or unpaid. A college or university student, a high school student or even a post graduate adult is eligible to become an intern.


Internships offer Vario’s advantages. if done at the right time and at the right place, success can never elude you. Here are a few advantages, that interns gain over others. Experience- Primarily intern-ships are done in order to gain experiences. It is like barter system wherein the organization provided you experience to deal with factors that may be a part of your career path, while you provide the organization your skills, talent and ideas.

Exchange of skills and thoughts-While you are still a student or a fresher you would give cent per cent to he organization. This gesture of yours will let the organization work for you where in it will try to bestow you with as many opportunities and skills as possible.

Course credit– Some degree programmes incorporate a provision which demands students to work in an organist on as an intern. This earns the students course credits, and of co experience.

Practical knowledge– Today we know that theoretical knowledge is not enough. That extra edge, extra effort is always welcome. Learning hands on, is so much better, isn’t it? actions are better understood, silence isn’t.

Networking– Networking is absolutely essential. Knowing people is not enough.hey should know you too. As an intern, who is studying, you get to know professionals that you might want to become one day. This gives you an opportunity to know their struggles, life, challenges and much more. They may even recommend you, who knows!?


Refine oneself and gain confidence– As students we are crude. Refining is what we require internships provide that refinement. It moulds and grooms us. It makes us confident enough to not make mistakes and if any, to embrace it.

Groom your abilities– Internship is a great way to furnish one’s abilities. Practicing and correcting, polishes our capabilities. It helps us to take risks and what our inner self is looking for.

Educational experience is no more enough what stands out is practicality and the ability to gain as much as possible and to render the same at the young age. Hence, work experience as a student raises your market value and makes you more presentable.

Author: Sugra Khanwala