Perfecting interpersonal relationship at workplace

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When many people work together, the association that develops between them is called interpersonal relationship. Anybody who goes to work will appreciate that when one spends around eight hours or so at the workplace, it is just difficult working in isolation. You require people to converse with and discuss matters related to work. Surveys conducted have also revealed that when people work together, their output increases many times.

It is essential that all employees pull along well with each other if a healthy workplace environment needs to be maintained. Every individual thus should know how to interact with seniors, colleagues ‘and subordinates alike. In this context, interpersonal skills that an individual needs to possess and improve upon for purposes of inspiring strong associations with others at work are:

Maintain a positive outlook: It is necessary that you do not get labeled as a perennial complainer. There are some people who keep grouching about trivial issues, little realizing that no human being is unflawed. You should desist from the habit of finding faults in others. On the contrary, you should be jaunty and cheery at work. Make smiling a habit; it is the only thing that really works wonders. In addition, you should try to develop a more accommodative and understanding attitude so that you contribute to keeping conflict situations away. If at all you need to make a critical decision, you must view thing from the perspective of others; expecting that everything should be done based on your whims and fancies is incorrect. It is also necessary that you avoid get-ting into altercations over trivial matters. When you accept people the way they are, you strike an immediate chord and give a boost to interpersonal relations. That is what a flexible disposition, a part of a positive outlook is all about.

Respect others: Profession conduct does not accept misbehavior with fellow-workers. As a professional. You are expected to maintain the dignity and propriety of the workplace, in which impoliteness and dis-courtesy have no place. It should be remembered that the way you deport yourself with your co-workers manifests your educational background. You should make it a point to not violate norms of civility, even while dealing with a person much below you in the organization’s pecking order. You should try to make the other person feel important and display a feeling of concern towards them. Expressing gratitude to them for their cooperation is also a sign of respect; doing so in the presence of others will send a positive signal to the environment as a whole. You should also make it a point to never feel envious as such a feeling tends to blemish, if not ruin your relationships.

Master communication skills: Good communication skills are inescapable for a healthy interpersonal relationship at workplace. You should guard against raising your voice in fact, you should never be too loud or too soft. When you speak loudly, there is every likelihood of you being misconstrued as discourteous; on the other hand, speaking very softly could portray you as an indifferent and apathetic person. Whenever you speak, your selection of words is important and the thumb rule to be followed is that you should never utter a word that you yourself would not like to listen. In this context, language that is not parliamentary one that smacks of undesired colloquialism should be avoided. It is always advisable to communicate through emails rather than take recourse to the spoken word. The crux of the issue is to communicate with an intent to cultivate a healthy relationship. This can be achieved if you are open-hearted and share your problems; and at the same time, be a patient listener also so that you get to know what others feel. After all, if you do not understand others well there will be immense space for generation of misinterpretation and muddles.

Don’t be found wanting in amiability & good nature: It should be your constant Endeavour to avoid being branded as a ‘holy terror’. On the contrary, you as an individual should serve as motivation. Your conduct should be highly professional at all times and you should ensure that it does not smack of covetousness and suspicion at all. Any sense of self that you may have should be left at home. You should be on the lookout for people doing a good job so that you could give them a pat on their back. In this way, you will be able to display your appreciation and honesty too. At the same time, if any-body is deviating from laid down norms of propriety or indulging in any act of non performance, you should tick him or her straightaway. However, you should proceed very diligently to preclude your words being misconstrued as undesired criticism or unwanted rebuke. You should also ensure that you are impartial at all times and do not betray the trust imposed in you. You will give your personal relationships a big boost if you keep your emotions in check and also being where you are required so that you can stand by your colleagues in crisis situations. It is a misnomer that you should not cultivate friends at your workplace, more so because you spend most of your life here. You will be doing the right thing it you wish others on the birthdays and other festive occasions. It is not necessary that people from your own group ought to be your friends; any and everybody can be your friend. It is also essential that you interact with your co-workers on a regular basis, including over the Internet or office network. You should also encourage social interactions, in that periodic organization of sports or party events should be encouraged.

Remember that the quality of your relationships constitutes your life. All our grief’s are an outcome of our poor relationships. All your relationships should be devoid of obligations, because if there happen to be onuses, then there will be no flow of genuine respect. And in the absence of genuine respect, you will not be able to carve any effective interdependence, a prerequisite for good interpersonal relationships.