Piles of files

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FILESWork is worship, indeed, but if this worship takes away the peace of your mind, your sleep, your smile and your health, what will you do? In today’s world, almost every working professional is overworked. People are so tied up with their official commitments that they have no time for anything else; not even for themselves.

People go out for family dinner but, spend half the time over the phone discussing work; people watching movies with friends simultaneously read office emails or messages; people even go to the extent of carrying their mobile phones to the wedding aisle and attend official calls in between their wedding vows. Whether to call it a funny situation or sad, really hard to say. Nevertheless, this is the reality for many today in India.

Normal working hours in India is 8 hours for most government/ private organizations. But the average working hours comes to nearly 10-12 hours for most working professionals. Why do they have to work so hard, you ask? Well, either a person is forced to slog the extra hours or one does it intentionally.

It is a known fact today that most offices employ less number of people and manage all their work profiles through this limited employee strength. The trend is growing everywhere and the result is – every individual working in such offices is forced to handle more than one profile.

It is obvious that handling multiple roles would mean additional work and to complete that work, the person will have to put in extra hours of work. Willingly or unwillingly, one has to do it to retain his/her job and for success too. But on the other side, there are people who believe the more you work, the more impressed are your bosses and such people intentionally load themselves up with extra work to gain an edge over his/her competitors. No matter what the reason is, but the flip side of being overworked is decline in productivity. And how

does that happen? The more work you have, the less time you get to sleep, to eat and to relax, which gradually leads to a stressed life, which further leads to lesser concentration in work or a decline in your productivity level. Work life and personal life are interconnected and stress in either of the lives can contaminate the other.

Many companies have realized this fact and are taking ample measures to keep their employees stress free. Employees are encouraged to take vacations, work timings are made flexible, employees are taken on outings, offices are built with special recreation zones to help them relax in between their work hours, and so on. Work and success in life are very important for an individual, but if they come at the price of one’s health and personal life, one must rethink about his/her priorities.

Author : Ananya Roy