Puling along well others at workplace

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Cordial workplace relationships make the working atmosphere friendly and you enjoy going to work. But if you do not enjoy amiable associations, every single moment of your work can be a terrifying experience. Your relationships with your colleagues, rather everybody at your workplace are thus of great consequence.

In the light of the above, you must:

Observe office propriety: Good manners are as vital at work as possibly they are elsewhere. Office etiquette is something that helps oils the wheels of daily inter-action within the office. Getting along with people who you seldom meet once the day is over is inescapable for positive results and pleasurable co-existence. If you observe office propriety, you ensure that mutual likes and dislikes get obviated. In fact, actions on your part will decide the behavior of others towards you and to some extent towards others too. Remember that your workplace is your second home and that your colleagues your second family.

Show respect to others: You need to appreciate and revere your colleagues because esteem and veneration are the brass tacks of all good relationships. It is necessary that you take special care in not upsetting or affronting anybody with whom you work. There will be some odd grumpy individuals about whom you simply cannot do anything. When you respect others, you transform your workplace into an amiable space. You must exercise utmost restraint in creating distractions for others and interfering or showing undue interest in others’ work. It is essential that you do not violate punctuality norms and other established conventions of discipline. Actions like using or picking up articles belonging to someone else in his absence or without permission should be avoided.

You must respect the right to independent views of others and in this context, requesting anybody to offer explanations on your behalf in your absence or tell untruths for you should not be taken recourse to. If you have defaulted, you should never point fingers at others similarly, you should not take credit for anything not otherwise due to you. You must keep the self esteem aspect always in mind and hence, you should never ask any junior to do your personal work. Others will hold you in high regard if you display honesty in your actions; therefore making use of official facilities for personal work should be big ‘No’. Engaging in offensive witticisms; grousing about the management, colleagues or seniors; and displaying an arrogant attitude are conducts that lower your esteem in the eyes of the others.

Avoid discussing issues that can unnerve others: There are some subjects that should never be discussed at workplace, howsoever close or friendly you are with your colleagues. As a matter of rule, any conversation involving religion, politics and sex life is a distasteful and forbidden. These topics do not belong to the work place and if you indulge in any discussion, you will portray a wrong impression about yourself and which can damagingly shape the opinions that others have about your capabilities and efficiency. In fact, you must avoid any prolonged discussion of a contentious or provocative subject to make your work life less complicated. Remember that religion is a very -personal matter and everybody is rather touchy about it.

Likewise, discussing politics can create problems in relationships. Even talking about domestic issues in public for a are not done because others may form an opinion about your weaknesses, particularly if you are a senior in the organization. There are many people who keep harping about their career objectives at work; it goes without saying that doing so will make others doubt your loyalty and devotion to your company and present job. If you are genuinely interested in progressing, your actions should speak more than your words. If your health is not very robust, you need not dwell on it at work. In case of any serious health problem, you should always discuss it with your employer.

Know how to deal with difficult people: You cannot be selective at your workplace. There will be amiable people and there will be difficult people around. You must know how to deal with the latter and maintain good working relationships with them too. The key to dealing with such people lies in always keeping your cool, avoiding unnecessary entanglement and refraining from any confrontation. Rather than being reactive, you should be proactive in dealing with difficult people you must try to separate the person concerned from the issue.

Totally refrain from spreading any spiteful blather: At work, there are two distinct categories of natter one that pertains to the organization and the other that concerns individuals. Both are unwanted because they tend to spread false information. If you have to hear gossip, you must take it with a pinch of salt. Any participation is always fraught with risks because you can be quoted and at times out of context. The best way in dealing with gossip is being candid and upfront with regard to expressing your unwillingness to be part of any such conversations.

No matter what line of work you do maintaining a good rapport with your work colleagues is essential if you want to succeed in your career and enjoy your time at work. However, this requires thoughtfulness and diplomacy, which you must exercise at all times.