The ABCs of Bank Jobs in India

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The banking sector has and always will be one of the most reliable sectors in terms of job security. It has withstood the test of time and will continue to do so. The banking industry has been largely overlooked in many regions of India due to the emphasis placed on IT industries. Nonetheless, the financial sector is nowhere close to stagnation. In fact, it has grown to produce numerous bank jobs in India.

The banking sector has many departments that provide a variety of job opportunities depending on your educational qualification. Most bank jobs require an accounts or finance related degree. It is also mandatory to clear banking examinations to qualify for a fulltime position at a bank.

India has a very large number of private and government run banks. Some of the most popular banks are Axis, SBI, ICICI, Citi, Standard Chartered Bank, Kotak Mahindra, HSBC, HDFC, Canara Bank, Bank of Maharashtra, Allahabad Bank and Punjab National Bank.

IBPS Examination

IBPS is the only common banking examination in India. This examination is solely for candidates applying for a government bank job. There are variations in the exams depending on the post and designation you are seeking.

Private Examinations

Unlike IBPS examination, private banks do not have a common entrance examination. Therefore, it is important for candidates to keep themselves updated with the latest private bank news. Openings for private banking job opportunities can be found online and in leading magazines and newspapers.

Some of the most popular bank job opportunities are:

Bank Clerk/Cashier

This is an entry level position. A bank clerk has a number of roles and responsibilities such as sending mails, receiving phone calls, sorting e-mails, processing various data, handling customers, cashing cheques, updating account details, processing payments, issuing statements and running errands.

In order to qualify for the position of a clerk, one must have a degree certification in any field. The candidate should be able to speak English and the local language of the state in which s/he is applying for the job. Computer knowledge is mandatory. A diploma certification in a computer language or a computer application is a bonus. The IBPS Clerk examination is required to be completed in order to get a bank job as a clerk.


  • General Category – 20 to 28 years
  • OBC Category – 20 to 31 years
  • ST/SC Category – 20 to 33 years
  • Disabled Category – 20 – 38 years

Probationary Officer

A probationary officer is the most sought out entry level bank job position. A probationary officer is a regular bank officer under probation. Once the duration of the probation is completed, the PO could get promoted to the position of a Manager or Assistant Manager. A PO would have to gain work experience in almost every banking related department during the probationary tenure. Some of the job responsibilities of a probationary officer are customer handing and service, cash handling, internet banking and handling the financial aspects of the loan department.

The minimum qualification for the role of a PO is a degree certification from any stream. Successful completion of the IBPS PO examination is mandatory.

Age Limit
The age limit for qualifying for the PO examination is between 20-30 years.


Due to the large amount of accounting and auditing work, jobs for accountants in banks are widely available. Accounting jobs in banks pay well. Jobs for Accountants are available for the positions of bookkeeper, auditor, payroll accountant, chartered accountant and tax specialist.

A degree in a commerce or finance related stream is required. The candidate can qualify for the job only after the successful completion of the IBPS SO/PO examination.


IBPS SO is the specialized version of IBPS PO. There is not much difference between the examinations. However, specialized officers are only dedicated to a particular banking department and job profile. Jobs for Bank SOs are in demand. Candidates who successfully get through the IBPS SO examination have multiple job positions to choose from.

IT Officer

An IT Officer holds key positions in the IT related department of banks. The main job responsibility is to control, manage and optimize a number of banking tasks. They include processing various sorts of queries, maintaining softwares and supporting data centres.

Some of the other bank positions for specialized officers are:

  • Law Officer
  • Agricultural Field Officer
  • HR officer
  • Marketing officer.

The minimum qualification required is graduation. The successful completion of IBPS SO examination is mandatory for a government bank job.

Bank Manager

A bank manager’s job is to make sure that the bank functions smoothly. The bank manager has to ensure that all the customer issues are resolved. It is also a very important task to make sure that the bank is hitting all its targets. Maintaining very high standards for the bank branch is another major part of the job.

The minimum qualification for a bank manager job is an accounts or finance related degree. One can only become a bank manager after completing the IBPS PO examination and successfully seeing through the probationary period.

Regional Rural Bank Jobs

India has a number of Regional Rural Banks (RRB). Jobs that cater to banks in the rural villages in India are in demand.

A degree certification is mandatory for a job in an RRB. IBPS RRB is a general government bank examination that needs to be passed in order to secure a Regional Rural Bank Job.

Job Positions

Some of the job positions under RRB are:

  • IT Officer (Scale 2)
  • Chartered Accountant (Scale 2)
  • Law Officer (Scale 2)
  • Agriculture Officer (Scale 2)
  • Treasury Manager (Scale 2)
  • Marketing Officer (Scale 2)
  • General Bank Officer (Scale 2)
  • Officer Assistant (Multipurpose)


  • Scale 2 officers can apply for RRB bank jobs between the ages of 21-32 years.
  • Multipurpose officers can apply for an RRB bank job between the ages of 18-28 years.

Due to the number of banks in the country, there are many job opportunities at banks for the taking. However, attaining a bank job is not easy. A few hundred thousand candidates write the IBPS examination every year. Out of them only a few thousand qualify. It is important to focus on one’s career from an early age in order to rise above the competition.