There is no substitute for hard work

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Teaching profession, especially the management field is very creative and innovative. The field is closely related to day to day life and development of a person as well as a business. It deals topics from self management to global business management. In management profession it’s not only teaching but also interactive learning process which includes lots of open discussions, case studies, role plays, simulations etc.

Describe the biggest hurdle you have had to face in your path to success?

There is no substitute for hard work, so perform your role and responsibilities sincerely, honestly, ethically and you will never face hurdles and even if you face, the strong inner self will give you the strength to overcome these hurdles. So whenever I had faced hurdle, by grace of God, I got the directions only because of determination, dedication, devotion and by performing my duties selflessly.

As an educationalist, what is your personal approach towards teaching?

Teaching is a noble profession, Teacher is the architect of the future of a student and society. There primary role is to build the career of students hence my approach towards teaching is progressive and role is always that of a friend, philosopher and guide.

Your views on the education sector in India..

In the current scenario, Indian education sector has to face challenges from Foreign Universities, hence requires restructuring. Graduation -level education requires drastic changes. Up to higher secondary level, students are monitored strictly hence they are disciplined but at the graduation level because of liberal systems students get derailed. Indiscipline is imbibed in them, result is, at PG level they have very a casual approach towards their projects and R&D activities.

There are so many monitoring bodies; we require to divide them in to Non-Technical and Technical Educational monitoring bodies so that well-defined monitoring/controlling system can be developed. Politics should always be kept away from educational sector. Continuous evaluation system should be adopted and courses which improve the employability skills and generates employment should be introduced.

Today’s youth are not careless, in fact they are cared less about, hence we can win them only with involvement, care, love and affection. We should become their mentors. They need us. Today’s youth are not useless they are used less. They have huge potential hence they are required to be guided properly to channelize and utilize their potential.

A word of advice for them.. You are your own master. Trust your self. Dream big and achieve your dream with focused efforts and hard work. Remember, there is no substitute of hard work.

Tips for students to excel in their career and life

Select the career of your choice, in which you have interest and then give your 100 per cent. Perceive your passion with endurance which will lead to achieve excellence in your career. Life is very beautiful but you have to toil hard to make it more beautiful as they say, there are ‘No free lunches’. Always have the courage to face adversities. Don’t get de-motivated with failure but face it with since it’s just a temporary phase of life.

Work selflessly. Be honest and ethical. I always believe in leadership by involvement and by creating new leaders.

What is the most effective way to motivate children and navigate them on the right career path? The child has his/ her own personality doesn’t try to influence them with your thoughts and decisions. Always discuss with them but don’t argue, communication should be free.

Author : Dr.Neeta V.Shah