Tips to score good marks in your science projects!

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Science projects are interesting. Besides being super fun, they can fetch you good marks too. But many students find the projects to be a difficult task altogether. You’ll always have a variation in a class when it comes to projects. Some are clueless, while others may have ideas but do not know how to make a project out of it. A creative mind and a spectacular presentation is all you need. Here are steps that will help you sail through the project task.


Think out of the box – Find a unique topic for the project. A never thought before idea always grabs more attention and leaves a greater impact. Explore new grounds and apply innovative techniques to build up your project. If you are unable come up with a new idea try to present it in a new and better way. For example if you have to make a project for Class 9, refer to the study material for class 9 CBSE science to know the topics and the syllabus. This will help you to find some ideas that are relevant to your curriculum. Just having a great new idea is only half of the solution. Try to be a leader instead of follower.

Research – When you have found the topic for the project, make it a point to research on it. Adequate researching on the topic is a must to understand the topic well. A proper research allows you to cover up all aspects. An open-ended project draws no attention. You do not want to miss out an important chunk of information on the topic. Refer to different articles and studies, jot down the important information and try to incorporate them into the project.

Understand – When you make a project you need to understand it very well. Your project must show the teacher that you are well versed with the topic. A clear understanding makes you confident and helps you explain the project in a better and more efficient way. Make sure you understand the scientific terms that you are using. Not being able to explain the theory or the term can be a major drawback. Keep your project at a level that you understand and do not go overboard.

Fun element – Only information and no fun will make your project dull and not so interesting. Even great information can go waste if your project is boring. Try to add a fun element in your project and you will see that there will be more appreciation.

Pump up your project – A great idea will have no impact if it is not presented well. Practical illustrations are the most important part of any project. You may have many unique ideas in your brain but unless you figure out a way you can represent it practically, it will be useless. There is a basic psychology; if your project looks interesting and well presented, then it will grab more attention and interest. So, make sure that your project is informative and appeals to the eyes too.

Hope you get a thumbs up from your teacher and good marks too. Have fun.