Vidarbha gets first CBSE-I School

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With the world becoming a global village, need of the hour is an education system which meets the global requirement. Jain International School took the first step in the city towards accepting global education.

Why is the course relevant?

Understanding the urgent need of an effective international level curriculum in Nagpur ,which sticks to the basics of Indian ethos as well as local needs yet provides a platform to children for International Studies, prompted the Management of the school to apply for this prestigious curriculum.

How did CBSE grant the course to Jain International School?

In November 2014, after rigorous inspections by the CBSE, Jain International School, Katol Road, Nagpur was granted permission by the CBSE to run the CBSE International (CBSE-i) curriculum from the academic session 2015-16 on wards. The school will be the first school in Vidharbha to get this honour adding yet another feather to the cap of Nagpur. CBSE-i provides a less expensive and quality oriented alternative to foreign boards like International Baccalaureate (IB) and International  General Certificate of Secondary Education(IGCSE).

How is the education technique different?

CBSE-i curriculum is all about the CBSE curriculum with some major additions, delivered through international level methodology. The methodology is such that it takes care of the multiple intelligences approach and promotes critical and creative thinking skills, effective communication skills, interpersonal and collaborative skills and information and media skills. The course content is 70 per cent global and 30 per cent local. A theme based curriculum sees the academic year divided into ten themes and all subjects taught are closely connected to the theme of that period. As an example the Principal quoted the following example “If the theme is Animals (Std. III) , then in English the story of Black Beauty would be taught , a creative writing piece on endangered animals would be written and researched by the children, in Science classification of animals and their habitats , eating habits etc would be taught, in Social Science migration of animals with reference to climatic zones and geographical features would be taught as also animals as a resource. The grammar exercises in languages and mathematical concepts would carry a distinct flavor of the animal world. Not only in the academic subjects but also in the areas of Visual and Performing Arts , the theme would be carried forward through mimicry of animal sounds, dances and songs related to animals , drawing and painting animals , clay modeling and 3-D art related to animals. In ICT the children would present a PPT on any topic related to animals. All this leads to a wholesome learning experience and enables a child to learn more about a certain topic.” A very important feature of the CBSE-i curriculum is Life Skills and SEWA(Social Empowerment through Work and Action). Both are formally a part of the curriculum . Taking the same example forward Mrs. Badjatia said that under Life Skills , values like empathy would be inculcated in the children while doing activities related to their pet animals and animals in a zoo. SEWA would include a visit to veterinary hospital and a meeting with a veterinary doctor. No other curriculum provides such a learning experience.

 Infrastructure requirement for CBSEi ?

The infrastructure requirements for running an international curriculum are very stringent and hence the Management of the school is creating brand new infrastructure which promises to be vibrant . The director of the school Anuj Badjate believes that children learn best while playing and hence a Science Park is being created and the concept of BALA( Building as a Learning Aid) is being implemented in the new infrastructure. In JIS all the children compulsorily get coached in a game of their choice for an hour everyday. In addition to that in the CBSE-i curriculum a very unique Physical Education programme aims at improving overall physical fitness of the child through well organized activates daily, promoting balance, flexibility, co-ordination and stamina.

Author: Meha Sharma


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