What you think, you become

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What you think, you become”. Generally elderly persons always ask young soul as to “what will you become?” And the child says he/she will become a doctor, engineer, scientist, etc. What I would advice them would be to keep their aims in life very high, have positive attitude in life, work hard, be honest to yourself and the society and have healthy competition, respect parents, teachers, elders and have faith in God.

The mind is everything. What you think you become.

Today’s youth should not blindly follow anybody. They themselves should choose the right direction of their career and life.

Personally only hard work and honesty in profession, doing my duty as a prayer to God is my personal mantra of success in my life as a wife, mother, daughter in-law, teacher and as a person.

“It is said that motivating and energizing others often happens in self motivation and reenergizing oneself”. I am very fortunate to be born and having teachers as my parents. As I have seen them framing, loving and directing every new generation to the right direction of life, I was also inspired to take up teaching as my profession.

Remaining always with young generation, listening to their day to day problems and trying to help them as much as possible drives me in this career.

After marriage my in-laws encouraged me for masters degree from Regional college. During admission to master degree course I was first in waiting list and only one seat for reserved class candidate was vacant. I was asked to wait till 5:30 pm. In the evening, if nobody turns up, I was to get the admission. Though strange and funny it may sound, but the waiting time was the only hurdle in my life. But finally I got it. It is already around 15 years since then and I am still enjoying my teaching profession.

Personally I believe that teaching should be humble and friendly for the students to understand. I feel a teacher should be capable of solving the difficulties of students. First of all the teacher should be well prepared and be able to encourage one and all with proper discipline and control over the class. Teacher should manage the time to cover syllabus and assessment too.

In India about 35 % of population is young generation .We can generate good educated man power required for not only our country but also of the whole world. We should frame our syllabus and train the young as required by the society. Industry and teaching should come together to do this.

What is the most effective way to motivate children and navigate them on the right career path ?

To-do all this I think there is a need of motivator, a good guide, who has really herself/himself achieved some thing in life. The only effective way to motivate and navigate someone on the right career is first to consider them as your own children, understand their difficulties, spend time with them and get the work done, because they always need our elderly help. In ancient times every child was sent to Guru Ashram to gain knowledge. Now it is the time that Gurus should go to individuals and frame out things for them. A teacher only can assure a child a happy life and career.