Why Didn’t You Get The Job? – Common Mistakes of Fresh Graduates

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Fresh from college and you are excited about your first ever job interview, but, unluckily you have not been selected and you do not even know why. You are worried if it was because you did not have the skills or you are not up to the job? Stop worrying! As a fresh graduate it is common to make mistakes in the interview that you may not even be aware of and it may not be even related to your skills and knowledge.

Being a graduate once, I have also endured countless of interviews; being grilled with questions that went over my head and sometimes even when everything went fine, there would be no response from the recruiter. Rejection is always a haunting experience that will tend to demoralise and destabilise your excitement and energy that you may had before an interview. But, remember that with any rejection, there comes a chance to understand what went wrong and prepare for the next one.

Now get to learn the little secrets of the recruiting world here in this article and do not leave to experience to find out the reasons that can lead to rejection. Here I have pointed out some of the various reasons that interviewers look out other than skills. Because, skills, well, ninety percent of the candidates will have. It will be up to those ‘little’ things that we overlook that leads to big decisions.

There are, in fact, a lot of reasons why you did not get the job but in this article I have pointed out the most common ones.


  • Your first impression was not good

The first five seconds when you enter the interview room determines a lot about how the rest is going to work out. If the interviewer finds your body language not according to his/her liking it will put you in his disinterested portion of his mindset and will act accordingly. While entering the room, knock on the door if it is closed and greet properly with a smiling face. Make sure that you present yourself as a warm and welcoming person.

  • You were not dressed in the proper attire

You might have done a background check of the company and found it to be a cool place where there are no restrictions regarding dress code. But, if you go to the interview with that though in mind it might do you harm rather than making you feel acceptable. Even for female candidates, they should make sure that they do not overdo the make-up and check out what is the best thing to wear for the interview. 

  • Are you still living that carefree attitude on social networks

It is understandably a common thing that college graduates like to put up posts showing their pictures of party nights and braggadocios. But remember, this might haunt you back when you are looking for jobs, as the organisations tend to do background checks before hiring a candidate.

  • Giving answers unrelated to the question

If you do not know have an answer to a particular question do not give something which does not make sense. It makes a negative impact and makes the interviewer think that you are dishonest. Also be precise and not reply in a long-winded manner as the interviewer needs to be engaged in your conversation. 

  • You forgot to provide your contact details and also did not follow up

Not providing your contact details on your resume is as good as showing that you are not interested in the job. It is not the responsibility of the interviewer to ask your contact details and without it how is he/she going to contact you. Also it is very important to follow up after an interview; it shows that you are highly interested in the job. But do not keep on contacting to the point of pestering that person. 

  • You just messed up the interview

Sometimes due to circumstances that are beyond your control, you are likely to mess up the interview. It is not your fault. You blurted something which you realise later that was stupid and not related to the interview. It is just one of those days that did not go well for you.

Whatever be the reason for your rejection, do not give up hope. Join some job portals where you will get free job alerts and also get to know how to prepare for the interview. And, with the above knowledge, you can be more ready than before to get that perfect job you are looking for.

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This article is written by Hasibuddin Ahmed. He is a knowledge junkie and a writer in the job portal – naukri.com, and often writes on topics related to carrier, job alerts. He is also a foodie and an avid reader with the same voracious appetite. Reach him @ twitter, Google+, LinkedIn