Women, you need to do self – promotion too

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All through the year, all you women display a high level of dustriousness towards your work. You are at your workplace on time, but invariably leave late – the long hours that you spend at work manifest your commitment, ardor and devoutness. And you feel that when it is time for a promotion, your boss will invariably see you as the best choice for a leadership appointment. There will be many more women who would be thinking likewise. However, but regrettably, things do not turn out that way. Comes promotion time, somebody else gets it – somebody, in quite a few cases, a male, who has been able to blow his or her trumpet better than you.

Self-promotion is inescapable for every-body. There is no individual who does not like others to know his or her capability to handle fresh challenges. Everybody seeks organizational support in the form of a salary raise or even an appropriate appointment or a position of significance in an organization. Vis-a-vis men, women feel that they can have the spotlight on them if they do not lose out on civility and courtesy. They also generally feel that any aggressive effort to promote oneself is simply not done. To put it in plain words, women tend to be apprehensive about being judged and evaluated.

The fear of being judged makes self promotion a difficult task. It also can lead to a significant feeling of insecurity and which, again makes self promotion extremely demanding. The cycle thus goes on and on.

Insecurity actually promotes absence of self confidence. But if you put up a brave front and even feign confidence, the truth will be that you experience self confidence too. Does anybody know that the show of confidence put up by you is genuine or sham? Such display of confidence is known to you alone and with repeated efforts, the process becomes easy for adaptation. The question thus is how do you promote yourself without losing out on your honesty and sincerity? It should be remembered that every woman is different from others. However, all of them can be grouped in two broad categories. The first category comprises those women who remain committed to their work and as a matter of practice, do not want to indulge in having excessive people contact. If that be so, such women seek to be brief and concise; and do not beat about the bush. They tend to refrain from writing salutations or paying unnecessary compliments. Contrary to the foregoing, there are others who want to be well-aware of their employers and feel that personal relationships matter a lot at work. Their standpoint is that good inter personal bonds invariably lead to a relaxed working environment.

The differences that prevail amongst women as a whole and also amongst different types of people with whom they are required to be associated, make it obvious that a singular dealing methodology is neither apt nor feasible. The only exception, however, is knowing about your own strong points and deploying them.

Whichever category you may belong to, it is essential that you spare adequate time to reflect upon specific requirements about others so that you are able to explain your requirements in a manner that they have no alternatives but to pay attention to you.

It is a known fact that self-promotion can indeed be a daunting task because no one, particularly a woman wants to be seen as more gifted and advanced than others. But it is also a fact that self-promotion is an invaluable way to climb the career ladder. Research has shown that women who do all things right still make less progress than their male counterparts in their careers. As a working woman, you will perpetually encounter difficulties that will challenge your inspiration to promote yourself efficiently. Your ability of self-promotion is likely to suffer immensely if you lack dynamism and concentration or suffering from a feeling of not being good enough when competitors are around. You need to be absolutely certain about what you seek in life and for it you will have to spare time for the purpose. It is only then that you will gain an insight about your contributions. The more you exercise to know about yourself, the utility that accrues following your hard work to improve yourself, the better prospects you will enjoy to create an impact on others. After all, practice makes a person perfect.

It needs to be understood that self promotion is not synonymous with being self-centered and neither is it in any way, equivalent to arrogance. You have to market yourself and your accomplishments. You need to understand that to establish yourself in this world, you will have to do everything that you can to appear established there already. And for that you have to be confident and concurrently humble. You have to see to your own success, because no one else will. Therefore, you should never be afraid to toot your own horn.

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